here we go again

It’s been a while since I posted and I really missed it. Always good to know what’s going on out there…

I’m right after reading this Bizarre’s Body Art book I mentioned previously (a review soon), so let’s start with a link Bastian provided me with: a slide shows of crazy piercings.

An interesting adventure that Bastian will sure find interesting: a hot-air balloon suspension done for an upcoming documentary.

Speaking of documentaries, some info and a trailer for ‘Color Outside the Lines’ documentary about tattoos.

Ami James still alive and kicking: episodes of his new TV show are recapped/ reviewed and he also gets interviewed, discussing everything and nothing as it seems.

Interesting news from WA where microdermal piercing technique is going to be scrutinized by the state authorities.

Joplin, MO– victims of the tornado are getting ‘surivor tattoos.’

And finally an interesting piece of news books-wise: an upcoming book focused on ‘science tattoos.’

just a teaser

I’ve been internet-deprived for the last few days which was quite nice, actually, but it got even better when I finally got online and saw a few interesting links to post on here. I still have a few to catch up on but in the meantime enjoy these?

A body suspension one from China.

Tebori tattoo artist in Oregon,USA.

More on religious tattoos in Thailand: how the local tattoo artists perceive the government’s decision regarding them.

Record body piercing attempt in Las Vegas. And a little bit about APP convention that also took place in Vegas.

A facebook friends tattoo – interesting as it could have been – turned out to be a hoax.

Ami James and his NY Ink getting some news coverage and celebrity customers again and a related TV show, ‘Tattoo Manor,’ from FL.

a quick update

A quick update as *again* I’ve been having some internet problems.

News fromThailandwhen the government considers forbidding religious tattoos for tourists (catchy title focuses on forbidding ‘Jesus tattoos’!).

Also fromAsia, ‘more South Koreans break with tattoo taboo.’ Maybe there’s nothing new about it but it’s good to be reminded about places in the world where tattoos are not that common!

Ami James strikes yet again, this time with ‘NY Ink.’ Is it gonna be original and interesting?

Morons and my little ponnies’ on the Huffington Post – stuff taken lightly is always more bearable!

The Australians celebrated Sailor Jerry while Bizarre published another book on Body Art. I hope it’s a good one as I ordered it yesterday.