abomination, functionality and a few other difficult words

‘Tattoo School’ still quite ‘trendy’- here we have such words associated with it as √°bomination,’ ‘truth‘ and also ‘threat‘ that’s investigated by FBI now.

On the other side of the Pond one police chief is seriously considering a question of tattoos on his work force and their possible positive impact on the public. Funnily enough, the public apparently wasn’t asked about it and seems to have a different opinion on the subject.

Kind of related – tattoos in the Air Force.

A German article on tattoos draws our attention to risks associated with them and advises to use sunblock while being out and exposed to the sunlight – it’s a good tip! The same tip can be found in an article about tattoos on New Yorkers (here’s another one about New Yorkers and their tattoos by the way).

Kat Von D is back both in the gossip columns and on TV; here let’s just focus on her TV-related activity.

Another interesting article about modern times and ta moko!

Tattoos in different countries – South Korea (exotic and interesting, isn’t it?) and Sweden.

Theme tattoos: Wikileaks logo seems quite popular and here’s also a slide show focused on college tattoos.

‘Tattoo body modification gets futuristically functional’ is quite interesting but this one, not really body mod-related, is even better – ear construction.

Finally an interesting piece of news about a baseball player sporting a new ‘surface piercing’which turned out to be a microdermal.