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some good stuff

After a weak start of this week, there’s a bunch of really interesting ones:

Might be a big thing: court decided that tattoo parlors are covered by the 1st Amendment (more about it). And here’s some info on the 1st Amendment.

Freedom of expression is not granted in school, though, and here an article about one American high school girl who tried to fight the dress code by means of the ‘doctrine’ of Church of Body Modification.

Artistic freedom and expression in an exhibit ‘Maryland, My Maryland’ showing works by many tattoo artists.

Suspension-related gem in ‘Hooked: blood, masochism and the shocking thrill of human suspension.’ Some of the comments are priceless!

‘Ugliness’ is ‘in’ now: ‘fashionably bad teeth’ discusses the current trend in the fashion world where ‘flaws’ (tattoos and piercings included) and accepted and even wanted on models.

Charity, Inkorporated’ is about a local fundraising to support a non-profit organization focused on autism; tattoo artists play a crucial role in the fundraising.

A new book on tattoos: ‘The word made flesh’ which, coincidentally, I pre-ordered yesterday. I’m really curious if it’s better than books by Ina Saltz.

One of my pet peeves in a Polish article about tattoos being addictive. Since the name of the shop is not very original, I couldn’t find its website.

Something to look at: star tattoo mistakes (thanks, Bastian!) and photos from a tattoo convention in Taipei.

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4 responses to “some good stuff

  1. bastian ⋅

    That’s *A LOT* of good stuff! Thanks for the reading material. And those comments in the Humboldt County paper article about suspensions – well, yeah, I guess you can see why people who engage in this kind of activity would want to keep this part of their lives away from public knowledge…

  2. aniareads ⋅

    there are some ‘interesting’ comments about this Polish one where some readers say how ugly tattooed women and how low IQ and uneducated tattooed people are. kind of sad!

    and I still love admiring my tattooed biceps in the mirror! 😉

  3. Steph

    Good stuff! I love how tattoos and other ‘flaws’ are becoming more acceptable in mainstream media.

    In other news, just got back from the convention.
    Report on le blog and swag to be on the way soon! I was totally shameless this year and grabbed anything I could get my hands on that was good 🙂 lol

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