all ears ;)

ear piercings

An article in NYT points out the rising popularity of ear piercings; a post following this shows what can be done by means of fake jewelry which is always an easy way to achieve an interesting look.

Interestingly enough, the news is spreading about a guy who decided to chop his ears off in his pursuit for a chosen look. It looks odd for most of us but isn’t it interesting to live in the times where so much is possible?

A totally failed and misunderstood chest hook suspension.

what’s behind …

Could a tattoo cost you a  job?‘ everyone’s story is different but mine says “hell, yes!”

Skin Book” – if such a thing really exists, it shows how weird things can get! 😉

tattoo stories

Women, tattoos and stories behind them – always interesting!

love and other feelings

parents' tattoos

Tattoos as a distinct sign of something wrong with you? Hardly in this story about loving parents who decided to get red spots tattooed on them to make her daughter feel she belongs! Awesome story!


Don’t judge others – a ‘dirty biker’s’ response to a harsh but very superficial judgement!

Funnily enough, there is also a story about a FB page called ‘your tattoos make you a horrible mother.’

nice gif

Satirical in tone, 9 misconceptions about people with tattoos; some nice pictures included.

An interesting read – ‘black ink and the politics of tattoos, race and gender.’

cool temp tattoos

Vegetable tattoos – permament and temporary.

ear stretching

Stretched ears and the usual when and why.

read, work, help, be

Since I just treated myself with a copy of ‘Bled for Boston’ book (hopefully soon in my mailbox!), let’s start with books: another article, this time in Dutch, about a book ‘Why I love Tattoos’ and a piece of news concerning a new book by Lal Hardy.


For book lovers who are not that commited to tattoos: temporary book tattoos.

Tattoos in museums: Jessica Harrison and her tattooed figurines plus Henk Schiffmacher lecturing on the history of tattoos next weekend.

Body modifications at work again thanks to a young woman from Canada who decided to fight against the stereotypes. Editorials written in response to her actions don’t let us cherish any illusion about her possible victory. Interestingly enough, enough the famous dr. Mark Benecke seems not to be immune to prejudice although this Bild article sounds very strange.

But there are fascinating stories behind people’s tattoos and we shouldn’t forget about it. A Polish article focuses on just that but a story from the Washington Post about Ian Desmond and his fight against NF is way more interesting.

10 things you might not know about tattoos’ – give it a read.

In Birma there’s a thing #11 you didn’t know about tattoos – with a video and in German.


‘Modified charity’ from Philippines where tattoo artists supported kids in need and also tried to show their sensitive side.

In Scotland ‘Yes’ tattoos even though there’s still some time to the local Scottish independence referendum.

spooky – Friday the 13 and a full moon, too!

The moon rises near an apartment block in Bucharest

The short articles appearing all over the web focus on how cool and *un*usual it is to have both Friday the 13 and a full moon at the same time. Sure enough, after a cloudy, grey day also here a bright and awesome moon rose!

But it’s all about tattoos, right? A great opportunity to get something light and humorous done. A few local shops in St. Louis organize such events and there’s also an Arizonian shop that made it a nice, little tradition.

face to face

 face tattoos - a photo project

A UK photographer Mark Leaver (an interview with him here) decided to take a fresh look at something that seems to be the ultimate hardcore thing in the tattoo world – facial tattoos. He photographed around 30 people in the UK whose facial tattoos are very distinct and quite well-known. Some of his subjects are professional body modification artists (Xed LeHead is one of them!), some of them started young while others are late bloomers. They’re shown at work and in private, intimate situations. In a way, it’s like an ultimate way to tame the tattooed Other, someone so different from us that we can’t even imagine them in ‘normal’ settings.

The final outcome is stunning and gives much food for thought.


healing aspects of tattoos


It comes as no suprise that there’s a great therapeutic value about tattoos. Here’s yet another (and quite moving) example of how tattoos can help us deal with a loss, a trauma or a tragedy. CA public libraries and StoryCorps are looking for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to share their stories in an exhibit focused on their war experiences and stories behind their tattoos. The project is called War Ink and is going to be exhibited on Veterans Day.


The stories must be told and dealt with and there are many ways to do so. This past weekend I came across an interesting article about using ancient myths to help veterans fight PTSD. You can read it here!