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(almost) all quiet

A slow beginning of the week but obviously there were some tattoo conventions happening during the weekend as besides the info on the Boston Tattoo Convention, here’s also an article about a tattoo convention in Germany. And some info on the upcoming, quite important event, i.e. London International Tattoo Convention 2010.

An article about the first Miss Ink America who’s preparing to pass the crown.

Another attempt at ‘every body has a story’ in an article telling about and showing tattoos on people in Richmond, VA.

Meanwhile, across the Pond (as the British allegedly say), some students of the vocational institute in Finland have to deal with a ban on body piercing jewelry.

We’ve already seen quite a few people ready to sell space on their skin to get (or raise) some money; here’s another try by a teenage mother who wants to get more money for her son.

As always, it’s quite surprising to hear (or read) a doctor discussing tattoos and piercings; good points they may make but their stubborn acceptance of the piercing guns is still surprising, just like in this one.

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4 responses to “(almost) all quiet

  1. Steph

    It KILLS me to see people Sell their skin like that!
    I get it, its a great way to raise funds and so forth but honestly, it’s YOUR body that your marking for life like that!

    Anyway, speaking of tattoos, pictures are up 🙂

    On the convention front: Montrèal convention is THIS weekend! I totally forgot about the box of last years convention goodies packed and waiting to be sent out until I found it last week. So I promise I will send it out when I get paid next week (finally) lol. With goodies from this year of course!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    I don’t think there’s much interest in buying space on human skin (unless you’re quite famous or take part in events lots of people attend), so if I were this German girl, I’d go for some harder job search!

    and really, why to pay for other ppl’s tattoos when you could pay for yours? 😉

  3. Steph

    Although there is that woman who got her freaking forehead tattooed after “selling her skin” on ebay by Golden palace.
    Several people have done this, a tad disturbing really.

  4. aniareads ⋅

    and looks like others think it’s an easy way to get money! kind of disturbing indeed.

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