tattoos only!

A nice bunch of tattoos-related articles:

A video of the Human Chequerboard discussing his new tattoos!

A warning tale about home-made tattoos done by a pissed ‘artist’ from Australia.

Another warning tale from Sweden: ‘dermatologist links recent skin infection outbreak to tattoo parlor in her area.’

And a really interesting one about Russian prison tattoos!

pictures, piercings and pumpkins

Two new examples of tattoo shops trying to do something good for their communities: ‘tattoo-a-thon’ and ‘ink for autism.’

Tattoos in pictures: ‘Beijing International Tattoo Convention,’ ‘Human Chequerboard gets his eyes tattooed,’ ‘NRL Calendar to raise fund for Pacific Islands’ (this is what NRL stands for!) and the one submitted by Bastian: ‘TatMash 3D’  (more) that allows you to see what would you look like with a tattoo of your choice.

A new tattoo museum in New York state.

With Halloween approaching really fast, here’s a Halloween-themed article: ‘in Salem tattoos have a Halloween theme!’

Finally an interesting one about corset piercings, with a few nice pictures, too!

trends, profits and doubts

For some reasons google alerts have been very scarce lately but despite it there are still at least a few links worth our attention:

Courtesy of Bastian, an article about suspensions and Allen Falkner!

The next big trend? LED tattoos.

Economy and tattoos in ‘in the tattoo business, profits are hardly skin deep.’

Finally, a very interesting and quite common question: ‘are tattoos ok for Christians?

self-mutilation and a few other gems

Seeing how I’ve recently read, written and posted a review about ‘Word Made Flesh,’ here more links to articles about the book; at least worth checking out.

The Vegetarian Festival still popular and here you’ll find not only an interesting background story about it but also an article with a much-telling title ‘festive self-mutilation.’

Tattoos and (possible) regrets in ‘do you regret your college tattoos?’ and an article about a Canadian initiative ‘Think before you ink!

Tattoos for good cause in an article about an activist (‘every tattoo tells a story’) and ’75 paw-print tattoos for an animal shelter.’

It just had to happen: ‘open your heart and be modified!’ makes fun of Church of Body Modification. Why not? Modified people usually have a sense of humor!

This one, in German, I got from Bastian but here you also have an English version of a story of a tattoo fan having gone for quite an unusual tattoo!

book review: word made flesh

 ‘Word Made Flesh’ made its way to my mailbox today and seeing how interesting and captivating I found it, I decided to write up a review ASAP.

When I heard read about this book for the first time, I thought that it’s going to be, more or less, a poor copy of ‘Body Type’ by Ina Saltz, playing on growing popularity of tattoos in general and literary tattoos in particular but once I got the chance to browse through and read the book, I could see that I was mistaken!

Sure, there are a few similarities between ‘Body Type’ and ‘Word Made Flesh’ books. The subject is the same and a way to present the tattoos, meanings and people behind the tattoos seem to be similar at first, too but once you start to look deeper and compare both books, you begin to see how different the approach in both books is.

Ina Saltz focused mainly on typography and her second book on the subject even has ‘typographic tattoos’ included in the title while the authors of the ‘Word Made Flesh’ book were more interested in people’s love of the books and words and how they perceive the world and themselves through the books and authors. In ‘Body Type’ books the visual effects are sometimes more important than anything else and the author does a great job on showing us how complex and fascinating the world of typography is. In ‘Word Made Flesh’ it’s more about people’s feelings. ‘Body Type’ books are great for ‘typophiles’ while ‘Word Made Flesh’ is more bookworms-oriented.

Some entries in this book are very short, just the name of a given tattoo owner and a reference to a literary work involved, but others are much more detailed and personal. In a few cases a picture of a person wearing the tattoo(s) in question was included which definitely adds to the experience of reading about the story and meaning behind the tattoo – it’s one thing to just read words about words/ books and it’s completely different to know what a given person looks like! In such cases, ‘word made flesh’ gets yet another dimension.

The book is quite small, just 173 pages, but on most of them we can encounter both interesting people, very interesting stories and quite original tattoos showing us, once again, how amazing human imagination and feelings are. There are at least a few tattoos here that really stand out and impress both with their meanings, designs and how they were done.

Worth mentioning is also the section devoted to the ‘Skin’ project by Shelley Jackson where one can read not only about people who decided to take part in the project but also learn some facts (and numbers) about the project.

Finally, ‘Word Made Flesh’ can also serve as a literary guide about books worth reading – such names as Vonnegut, e.e cummings, Kafka and Dostoyevsky appear here right next to Neil Gaiman, William Gibson and a bunch of authors I’ve never heard of.

A poor copy of ‘Body Type’? Certainly not! Worth reading? Definitely!

Eva Talmadge, Justin Taylor, The Word Made Flesh. Literary Tattoos From Bookworms Worldwide, Harper Perennial, 2010

hardcore and somewhat gender-bent

A few interesting ones to start a new week:

Interesting news from Australia: warnings about the DIY job but also news about a local priest that’s against tattooing and body piercing.

From the southern hemisphere also cool pictures from the Vegetarian festival. That’s pretty ‘badass.’

And seeing how tattoos seem to lose their edge (‘growing trend of tattoos,’ ‘have tattoos lost their ‘badass’ image?’ and ‘no longer taboo for women…’), maybe that’s a way to go? 😉

Why your tattoo artist hates you?’ is worth reading although not very seriously; honestly, though, there seems to be something to it.

A nice and touching idea in an article about ‘orthotic brace with a tattoo for young child.’

An interesting choice of tattoo designs: silent film stars.

And something that’s definitely unusual and interesting: ‘tattooing horses’ eyelids can prevent cancer.’

good and interesting news

Several interesting ones so far:

Good news from Poznan, Poland, where tattoo artists from my regular tattoo shop won quite a few awards at a local tattoo convention (here’s another video from the event).

A ‘gem’ about scarification and other, more ‘extreme’ forms of body modification: ‘technique goes beyond tattoos.’

High-brow stuff: Ed Hardy as a lecturer at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and an interesting article about a new book on literary tattoos, ‘word made flesh.’ My pre-ordered copy of it got shipped yout yesterday.

An interesting one from Bastian: an article about the German healthcare reform which has something to do with body modification. And from the US an article about ‘dermatologists’ experiences with tattoos.’

Tattoo scene and charity in ‘tatts for cats.’

Ads: ‘plummeting value of flesh-based ads’ and a *turned-into-tattoos*  mascot from India (images of the mascot here).

Celeb glitter: ‘Kelly Osbourne removes her tattoos,’ ‘the worst tattoos on celebs‘ and ‘female celeb piercings.’ On the other side of the spectrum, a short but quite interesting article about trends and their backgrounds (courtesy of Bastian!).

a nice collection

A few interesting additions to a few of my blog categories which is great!

First, art and culture: tattoos in galleries from VA and NV.

Tattoo events around the world: Mario Barth’s Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth and, on much smaller a scale, a review of the Philippine Dutdutan X and, attention please!, a short video from Poznan, Poland where the first Poznan Tattoo Convention is taking place this weekend. At the end of the video you can catch a glimpse of my favorite shop’s booth. Why I’m not there? Work, work, work! *sigh*

Tattoos from the anthropological perspective: ‘magic tattoos’ from Cambodia and the archeological findings hinting at ancient Andean acupuncture.

More than meets the eye in interesting articles about ‘tattoos paying tribute and bringing cosmetic comfort’ (cancer survivors-related), ‘tattoos helping overcome severe childhood burn‘ and, quite touching, ‘prosthetic Picassos at Scottish Rite.’

Local scene pictured in ‘Cathedral Tattoo’ (website coming soon) and ‘Anomaly of the Flesh’ describing the tattoo scene in Flagstaff, AZ.

Suspension-related stuff brought to me and you by Bastian: the Greek original and the English translation.

Another one from Bastian discusses Church of Body Modification in quite light a tone.

A few odd ones: ‘sergeant tracked ‘kills’ with skull tattoos’ and ‘the worst tattoo ever?’ (a mugshot and a strange background story involved).