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body modification = interesting

Most of the links I came across at the beginning of this week proved to be interesting ones!

Let’s start with school dress code as there’s an interesting article presenting two points of view at the Clayton school/ Church of Body Modification case. Another one from SC shows that adhering to the rules applies not only to students but also to school employees, so maybe it’s fairer now? But there is also a cool article about a math teacher who started using temporary tattoos to make learning more enjoyable!

Faith and tattoos don’t usually go hand in hand but things have been changing: ‘inkling of faith’ from TX discussing a study of religious tattoos and a CA pastor getting a tattoo to celebrate the first anniversary/ birthday of the church (more). And here’s a pretty personal take on tattoos: ‘blog meme: my tattoo, my faith.’

Attempts to reach out to young people to show them what’s important: ‘health and safety come first.’

Almost gossip but also a good reason to link to the website in question: Angelina Jolie talks about her tattoos to an Australian magazine ‘Post-Modern Ink.’

More exotic locations represented by an article from Borneo about an upcoming tattoo event, from South Korea about efforts to change the law about tattoos and a pretty long overview of the history of tattoos in Polish (plus an interesting gallery of pictures of tattooed people – check it out!).

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One response to “body modification = interesting

  1. bastian

    Hey, we all know that body modification is interesting. But thanks for reminding me why 🙂

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