tattoo event, ideas and joys

Big event this weekend in Boston, so here’s an article and an interview with the organizer of the convention!

Quite a few interesting links on tattoo ideas: the ink of war: Afghanistan Air Base best tattoos, ‘cyborg’ tattoo and a family tree sleeve! Of course, everyone should know that ‘you are a loser because you have a tattoo,’ too!

A touch of local history in a form of obituary for an unusual woman: ‘Vicki Harris made tattoos a legitimate business in Tampa.’

A nice gesture for a boy suffering from Spina Bifida: ‘cast decorated in tattoos.’

A piece of news from Japan: ‘Kobe eyes a tattoo ban at beach.’

I’m not really sure if I ever give this book  a chance and read it but who knows? A new Polish book, ‘I’ll buy a hand,’ uses a motif of tattoos to discuss selling out in the modern society/ culture.