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‘there was blood…’

Recent tattoo conventions in Philadelphia, Detroit and Santa Rosa.

Unfortunately there were some problems at the Philly convention: ‘biker brawl at tattoo convention’ (more) There are also other pieces of news that show tattooing in bad light: ‘’officer beaten in brawl at tattoo shop’ and ‘police break up illegal tattooing session.

Let’s take it a bit further: ‘tattoo shop owner: license denial blatant bureaucratic discrimination;’ on the other hand, though, one can also look at tattoo businesses this way: ‘friendly neighborhood tattoo artists.

Weird news from Russia (in Dutch to make it even weirder but pictures speak for themselves): ‘tattooed pets;’

A tiny piece of good news in this one: ‘parent’s primer on piercings’ states that piercing guns are not sterile and thus not recommendable.

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