“canvas” is a no-no word on here!

There appeared a few derogatory ‘editorials’ about body art during last few days but I decided against linking to them – such “gems” are usually highly repetitive and never contain anything new.

In other, more interesting news:

A focus on teenagers in the German article “my first time: Dominic’ piercing experience (courtesy of both Bastian and google alert) and American “tattooed teens” and “teen fashion decision can prove costly and painful” (about ear stretching).

The title “tattoo removal: political pork or second chance” speaks for itself.

Sounds kind of weird but thought it might be good linking to it: “man died after leg tattoo.

An interesting one is “tattoos in Islam” – what is Islam’s stand on tattoos and the reasons for it; brief but interesting.

Addicted to ink” touches my personal peeves as firstly, I do not believe that tattoos or other body mods are more addictive than anything else (and since you can get mentally addicted pretty much to everything, assuming that tattoos are more addictive than most other things doesn’t make sense! Not to mention that I’m all for practicing self-control) and secondly, I do hate when people use this cliché “canvas” word whenever they feel like discussing body modifications; I refuse to be “canvas”, period 😉