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risks and advice

A few ‘gender-oriented’ articles today: ‘Job helps pierce veil of ignorance’ (Elayne Angel quoted here) and ‘genital piercings can cause serious health risks’ deal with female genital piercings, so it’s something that’s not widely discussed. There’s also another short one about female circumcision (and here’s another one in German, more in depth, ‘submitted’ by Bastian some time ago).

Mods and jobs in ‘expression at the cost of professionalism’ and ‘tattoo taboo’ (this one is actually pretty interesting!)

There’s also some ‘advice on tattoos and body piercing’ (spiced up with some wannabe psychological approach) and a more common-sense article from Finland, ‘the art of the tattoo;

For those interested in tattoo removal some info on the just launched Tattoo Removal Information website.

An article about one of my favorites: Henk Schiffmacher and one of his artistic endeavors!

And the link that’s just appeared in my mailbox: news from FL about a proposed tattoo bill that might make the life of the local tattoo artists way harder! Hopefully there will be more information about it soon.

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