laws, errors and lighter stuff

Let me start today’s update with an interesting article from PA about possible industry regulations; really interesting here is that the officials seem to be more interested to start with cashing fees from the artists first and health/safety regulations come second here.

Another one in ‘Iraq’ vein: ‘body art business is more than skin deep’ is both about growing popularity and possible dangers of going for body art in Iraq; quite the opposite seems to be a situation in the US where acceptance of body art is supposed to be growing (or, at least, that’s the point of the ‘Embracing living art’ article; an interesting show at CSU is mentioned here!).

News from Taiwan: ‘tattoo mistranslation enrages Taiwan aboriginal people’ (another one).

The US economy stimulus and tattoos mentioned in ‘outliers: battle of the tattoos.

tattoos worse than abortion?’ from Sweden (it’s very brief, though!).

Something light for the end note: New Zealand tattoos in ‘NZ’s got under their skin’ and a new option for temporary body art: ‘jagua tattoos.