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across cultures and times

I’m a little behind because of my ISP but let’s see what interesting I found:

Thanks to Lukas Zpira for directing me to this one: interview with Shannon Larratt – very interesting!

Interesting read-up on cultural changes in Iraq and Pakistan where western body art becomes more and more popular – a few articles on the subject.

A very Western product in a tattooed version – Tattoo Barbie (more );

Őtzi and his tattoos available on the internet – two German articles about it (plus some pictures of the guy);

Body Art Expo at Cow Palace this coming weekend (and an article about the future of the event and its venue).

Two law-related ones from TX (‘OSHA clarifies training requirements for tattoos’) and SC (‘SC bill would drop age for tattoos’);

I think I linked to a similar article a few months ago (in Spanish, though), here’s one in English: ‘tattoo link to personality disorder’.

After WordPress tattoo, there’s also a Twitter tattoo now: ‘social media leads to a tweet tattoo;

Finally, relatively good news about economy: ‘during a bad economy one business section is thriving.

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