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bans, catwalks, traditions

Do you ink I’m sexy, boys?’ gives us a small coverage of this year’s London Tattoo Convention.

Baltimore Tattoo Museum described in quite a few details. In a similar vein, soldiers and their tattoos in a ‘tattoo project’ and a little more information on Delvoye/Steiner project.

In the law department, news from New Zealand when ‘plan to prohibit gang insignia now covers ‘intimidating’ tattoos’.

Another editorial about firefighters and their tattoos in CA mentions ‘culture war’. Funnily enough, apparently ‘tattoos gain more visibility’ and find their way to fashion shows (again) .

Fashion meets tradition in India where young people use temporary tattoos to celebrate their traditional holiday (another one). The article from Pakistan discusses more traditional henna tattoos.

Finally, two other, quite unusual articles: ‘Queer Ink’ and ‘Churchgoers (who) make their mark’.

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