interesting times

Since economy is such an omnipresent conversation topic these days, let me start with a short article, ‘splurging on tattoos at Muddy Waters,’ which describes not only a body art event but also mentions the influence of the current crisis on tattoo shops.

Law: ‘tattoo artists and body piercers in NM need new license’ (more).

Dress code issue tends to pop up on here quite regularly (maybe it’s me being biased – at work I’m covered from neck to toe, even during summer); this time it’s school settings: in MO ‘teachers’ tattoos to be part of dress code discussion’; here’s also a reader’s opinion on this: ‘voices: whose standard?’ I must say that this Leviticus quote is getting a little old and not only mis- but also too often quoted.

To prove my point (or not), here’s another example of the ‘Leviticus quote’ at work: ‘Bad ink?’ in VA.

Two interesting ones from NY: ‘Skin deep’ might be an overused title but this time the article is not about tattoos but scarification (rare topic in online newspapers); the author of this one tried to juxtapose tattoos and scarification and show how, to many people out there, scars are just a fad; I would definitely disagree with such a stand! On a sidenote, the guy portrayed in this article, John Joyce of Scarab Body Arts, has a really good reputation! The other one is ‘Stretched out’ with a focus on ear (lobe) stretching (another rare topic) but it’s not very good.

A couple of ‘lighter’ ones: the images of the pierced and tattooed people removed from the nursing home in the Netherlands are now between work of Theo van Gogh and Gregorius Nekschot; ‘a brief history of body art’ deals with Stephen Hawking in a pretty cool way, ‘picture question: would you get one?’ mentions yet another book on tattoos but with a funny twist and ‘celeb ink earns money for charity’ (Johnny Lee Miller’s tattoos worth $7.000).