serious issues and entertainment

Let’s start with the news from Denmark (via a Swiss article in German) where infant (male) circumcision might be banned soon.

Problems with opening a new tattoo shop in Nashua, NH were mentioned here recently; two new articles on the subject are about the voice of reason and public: ‘tattoo parlor victim of old stereotypes’ (more).

Mods and celebrities: tattoos in NBA, ‘smokin’ hot celebrity tattoos’ and ‘Q&A with Kat Von D’.

The article about a tattoo shop focused on Christian tattoos is not hot news but in this one one can read about a stand on tattoos in various Christian churches, so it’s pretty interesting.

Another one to push the old tattoo stereotypes aside: a ‘toys for tats’ initiative from SD is a nice idea with Christmas right behind the corner.

thou shall not …

When it comes to Catholic Church and body modifications, we often get to hear the *in*famous Leviticus quote and that’s it; this time one of the big fish in the Vatican pond decided to express his opinion on the subject and, as it seems, it’s definitely against ‘torn jeans and tattoos’ (links in German only so far).

As of today it’s allegedly safer to get tattoos done in Germany thanks to new regulations concerning the ink used to tattooing. In law-related news, there’s also a short article about an Indiana county trying to update their tattoo/body piercing ordinance.

Two German articles question the idea of body modification in general: ‘body cult or self-mutilation?’ (another one) while an article from Finland reveals that ‘tattoo may prevent anesthesia’, so young women should beware.

On a somewhat lighter note, tattoos on stars (special focus on Johnny Depp) and ‘kitchen ink’ – another one about food tattoos.

book(s), dress code and rituals

The new week brought some interesting articles:

Quite a few new books, either already available or upcoming, on body modification lately; another one is by Henk Schiffmacher himself – his tattoo lexicon.

This past weekend there was a tattoo convention in Louisville, KY; quite telling a title of the article, ‘Expo shows the draw of tattoos doesn’t fade in tight times’, says is all.

It’s been two years since tattooing was legalized in OK; since then, few citations for health code violations appeared on the record: ‘OK tattoo artists’ records reveal few bad marks’.

Two articles on dress code: for sailors in ‘Ink can stink’ and for Air Force Personnel in the US.

The last two for today deal less with tattoos and more with faith but since they are interesting to read, I’m including them: about a new branch of Deliverance Bible Church in TX and ‘makahiki ritual’ in HI.

Gucci bags and German sense of humor

A bunch of articles from the week:

Best female tattoo designs’ deal rather with the most popular female tattoo designs, so maybe it’s good to take a look at it to know what to avoid! Also, another misleading title from Australia – ‘tramp stamps’ now mainstream’ are actually about tattoos and women, not about tattoos placed on lower back.

Important issue raised in the UK: ‘health threat from beauty parlors‘ (as well know, pretty often beauticians perform body piercings).

Gucci’s open heart’ – tattoos as an inspiration for Gucci collection; would they hire modified models, though?

Judging by some articles posted on the web, it’s quite easy to amaze and amuse Germans; the article and pictures of a girl playing with her split tongue prove the point.

books, shops, pigs

Two other books on body modification: an upcoming book about Kalinga tattoos (more about Kalinga tattoos) and the Australian ‘Puncture Kit’ aimed as a guide to body piercing and tattoos, written by a nurse.

Quite a few articles about tattoo shops: ‘tattoo shop facing opposition’ in Nashua, NH (a reputable, Precision Body Arts, shop based there is also mentioned), MN-based ‘Wingnut’ shop ‘featuring extreme body art’, the first tattoo parlor ever just opened in Noblesville, IN, and – for a change – a British tattoo artist facing legal problems due to operating unlicensed shop and news from Japan: ‘two men held over illegal body piercings’.

An interesting article from Pakistan doesn’t deal with body art per se but tattoos are an important element in paintings described here. Another article, with quite telling a title ‘Art is all around you’, is about a workshop on teenage cultural practices in Canada.

Wim Delvoye, or rather his pigs, again: a nice slide show in ‘Pigs tattooed in Beijing ‘Art Farm’.

The last one for today is about ‘blackberry tattoo’ in OH.

new book and Hungarian goodies

Zentastic is down which is bad news; however, the good news is that the book with interviews Shannon has recently been working on is already available both in soft and hard cover. I must say that I’m really looking forward to reading the book – I joined the site in 2004 only and there are probably many articles by Shannon I haven’t read yet.

In other news, here’s a link to a Hungarian article about tongue splitting written by Gabor Zagyvai, a very talented body mod artist from Budapest, Hungary. Gabor is a friend of mine and he worked on me back in August 2007 when he did my arm scarifications – they healed great and definitely are ones of my favorite mods ever.

unusual but not that extreme

The body mod industry is still pretty male-oriented but there are more and more female tattoo artists and piercers out there; here’s two articles about female artists from CT and WI.

Tattoos for the greater good’ (or, as the artist put it himself, ‘tattooed for good’) from NV.

Program directed at young people in Adelaide, Australia is focused on body piercing.

An unusual idea: ‘tattoos exchanged for brothel discounts’ (in Spanish, too).

here we go again

First two days of the new week brought quite a few interesting articles; a small selection below:

Tattoos in the modern Indonesia – the title says a lot: ‘who’ll marry you now?’ Another one about culture(s) and tattoos is ‘Race, sex and tattoos” (an upcoming lecture/presentation by Kip Fulbeck, the author of ‘Permanency’, a pretty nice book on the subject of tattoos).

Going back to our roots in a way was St. Louis Old School Tattoo Expo (not much info but some pictures from the show).

Ireland seldom appears on here; this time it’s about tattoos and local gangs (more).

International Ink Parlor’ is supposed to be ‘educational and social event’ at the Appalachian State University; maybe there’ll be some follow-up after it’s all done.

A little different approach toward tattoos is in this one about cosmetic tattooing.

The news from Houston, TX about a new district judge who says ‘I’m probably the only district judge with this many tattoos’.

Finally, all ‘should’ know that there is a new World Guiness Record in most tattoos given in 24h (the previous one was mentioned here).

bits and pieces

As usual, weekends are slower news-wise, so I’m going to post links to some of the more interesting articles I didn’t get to use earlier this week;

Two articles from today: a tattoo convention in Argentina (in Spanish) and a nice short text about ‘bike science’ (tattoo involved, of course, and with a link to Science Tattoo Emporium).

In other, more or less interesting news: ‘free tattoos for Games athletes‘ in Canada, what you can expect at the 1st Singapore Tattoo Show 2009, cultural differences in ‘teacher can’t swim in a pool’ (Japan) and ‘tattoos and piercings in the workplace’ (landed on TV).

Two wannabe editorials to close it: ‘tattoos – ancient practice, modern times’ and ‘tattoo: fashion accessory or immoral choice’ (hmmm, never looked at it this way myself)

raise, fight, profit or just enjoy…

Since the previous post linked to articles showing the industry in slightly ‘tainted’ light, today more ‘angelic’ side of the industy – its tendency for fundraising.

BMEzine vs. legal battle was already mentioned on here; their most recent clash is described here.

Wim Delvoye keeps appearing both on the web and on here quite often; he’s more than ‘just’ tattooed pigs, though, and this German article describes it quite decently.

Something for those who are interested in getting into the industry and becoming a tattoo artist – ‘the art of the tattoo’ contains some basic information on apprenticeship (although don’t expect a ‘how-to-do-it’ recipe!) while ‘lesson from mom: the art of the tat’ shows an easier route of a tattoo artist having been prepared for the job by his mom dearest.

The ‘trendy’ side of body art: ‘Boyzone get tattooed on TV’ in the UK (with hopes to promote their upcoming ‘artistic’ endeavors, of course) while in the meantime, across the Pond, web entrepreneurs are profiting from Obama mania (Obama tattoos, anyone?). In similar news, there’s ‘tattoo trends in Portland’.

People’s passions reflected in their tattoos sound kind of more authentic, so here are ‘Deep Sea tattoos’ and ‘Twilight tattoos’ (more info on ‘Twilight’).

To close today’s post, a strange case of dress code: ‘piercings keep husband of student out of dances’.