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ol’ days

Weirdly enough, I haven’t found any news on this year’s APP in Las Vegas, NV yet, so here’s the basic info on the event taking place right now as posted on their site.

In the law department, news about industry regulations from Indiana and a new law concerning ingredients of the tattoo ink from Germany.

Tattoos and skin cancer’ makes for an interesting although short read-up.

Ed Hardy (line) was criticized in one article I posted here not that long ago; here’s a different point of view (‘who’s Ed Hardy and why is everyone wearing him?’). I must say that I really liked this one as it is nicely focused on Ed Hardy as human (as opposed to the commercial product he gets associated with these days) and shows good ol’ days of the tattooers’ world.

An interesting review of the ‘the blue tattoo: the life of Olive Oatman;’ I really like the main point of it.

Finally, an interesting picture with some notes about them in the Canadian post ‘Bif Naked: a punk rocker annotates her tattoos.’

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2 responses to “ol’ days

  1. Steph

    Ed Hardy is a douche! I will NOT spend $100.00 on a t-shirt with his name in a 120 point font and looks like a bottle of bleach was spilled on it and a be-dazzler barfed ALL over it. I do however for the most part respect his artwork aside from the fact that he’s now a total commercial sell out.

    I did enjoy your other posts though!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    lol that’s Steph at her best:)

    I do agree with you, though – his designs are not even overused now, they’re abused.

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