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the edge

Two pieces of news kept appearing over and over again yesterday and today; the first one is about results of the survey done in Spain which shows that many of the local tattoo and body piercing shops should improve the way they deal with their customers. Another piece of news is from the Netherlands where the police is facing a ban on tattoos, body piercings and long hair (in English).

Dress code and mods appeared also in other articles, this time in American ones: ‘Inked co-workers becoming permanent fixture’, ‘Tattoos: part of the establishment or still on the fringe?’, ‘Inkers advise: think ahead’.

The last somewhat in this vein for today is an article from Borneo where young Iban men suspect they are discriminated when applying to the army: ‘no discrimination against tattooed men: Commander’. (here’s also an interview with a local tattoo artist and some info on traditional Borneo tattoos; ‘Borneo rose’ is quite popular a design in the West, too).

In other news, more about the Maori tattoo artists who attended this year’s London Tattoo Convention and their findings: ‘How wide-spread is Moko on non-Maori?’.

Some tattoo placements are *in*famous for pain factor etc. here’s about a rib cage placement which, apparently, is ‘a painful but ‘cool spot’ for body art

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