For once I don’t have any problems with coming up with a title for the post – it’s really # 100 and my thanks go to the person who both inspired and encouraged me to play with it on my own and to other people who support me and make me smile very often.

Teary-eyed stuff aside, here’s the stuff I found the most interesting during last two days:

Two seemingly different tattoo conventions in New Zealand: ‘The first annual Comedy Tattoo Show’ and another, with stress being put on family, about ‘second tattoo show being bolder, better’.

From the same hemisphere the news focused on the Australian law: ‘Genital, nipple piercing ban for under 16s’.

More about body piercing from the UK: ‘body piercing danger – shock figures released’, ‘concerns over rogue piercers’ and ‘authority earns praise for its healthy approach to tattoos’.

Two articles from South America: one about photo exhibit displaying images of Mara members and a piece of news about the ‘Rio Ink’ show soon to be aired on local TV.

Nicely enough, there’s also an article in Dutch for this ‘special’ post: Henk Schiffmacher against dress code for the police (mentioned here).

Something broader than just law or dress code: ‘searching for the motivation behind dramatic body art’(ambitious task for a short article) and ‘tattoo mammas in Calgary’ about women and tattoos.