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it’s (not) just a business …

For some people body art is passion, for others it may be both a passion and a business: ‘wearable art’ (which means t-shirts/ clothing with tattoo designs), website combined with a recently open tattoo shop and pregnant belly tattoos. Another interesting article in this vein discusses a marketing program for tattoo business owners.

Bad news – a death caused by a tongue piercing (in Dutch).

Something interesting from the Philippines: Dutdutan Festival with some insight into a local ‘scene’. This short article was, for some reason, categorized as ‘weird news’.

A piercing ‘aficionado’ both writes about and shows her own piercing adventures in KS.

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2 responses to “it’s (not) just a business …

  1. Jacques ⋅

    wow….you believe that report lady?
    seems like an infection ..well multiple infections of this magnitude would be pretty obvious easrly on …certainly a little discomfort.

  2. aniareads ⋅

    I believe in two things about this report – first, it probably happened but, as it was stated in the article, it was ‘a rare case’.
    Secondly, it was also stated in the article that ‘nearly one if five piercees risk gum damage etc.’ ‘one in five’ really isn’t as high or very common as they want us to believe. This ‘rare case’ aside, such articles tend to exaggerate the risks; not to mention that many piercees deliberately disregard the aftercare guidelines, neglect cleaning their piercings etc.

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