(un)popular tattoos

The most popular topic now seems to be Marines and their new tattoo policy – the titles speak for themselves: ‘Marines – no sleeve tattoos for guards, recruiters‘; ‘Marine general expands tattoo ban‘; ‘Inked no longer‘.

In the light of the recent interest in tattoos expressed by Real Madrid (too European to appear in American news?) here’s an article about a German football player and his tattoo (comments by fellow players and coach included).

Quite nice to know that at any given time there’s at least one tattoo convention somewhere in the world; here’s articles about the upcoming Denver Tattoo convention and some coverage of the Real Deal and Jacksonville conventions; link to ‘family photos’ from the Boston Tattoo Convention on this page can make smile pretty much everyone.

Celebs and their tattoos are not my favorite topic but this one is interesting – Angelina Jolie’s metamorphosis.

Finally, another one showing members of the industry in positive light: 15 hours of tattoos for $15 to help sick kids from AZ.