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A few good ones today:

Real Madrid interested in its players’s tattoos; I haven’t found anything in English yet, so I’m linking to Spanish, and one German, articles.

More in the dress code department: body art at school (as on teachers) and among Marines (corps make change to tattoo policy).

Next two interviews with tattoo artists getting ready for Boston Tattoo Convention, a short article about ‘Tattoonesia’ and another one about Freiburg based Visavajara shop celebrating its birthday with some great shows and big names (including Samppa, Pain Solution, Lukas Zpira etc. – links to respective sites included in the article).

Advertising and tattoos: New Zealand and USA.

Humorous news from Germany: Dr. Benecke and his new tattoo.

And sth more ‘highbrow’: Daniele Buetti and his interesting concept of ‘tattoos’