zoning and self-expressing

Tattoo parlors and city zoning from PA and another one from IA where one of the local towns just received its first tattoo parlor ever.

Dress code: tattoos and body piercings have business stigma.

Tattoo removal ‘proudly’ represented by ‘many with tattoos wish they could erase the ink’.

Proposed industry regulations in GA were already mentioned here; seems like ‘tattoo artists generally agree with regulations.

A few other pieces of Americana: ‘body as canvas’, ‘free Obama tattoos’ and ‘calls for unusual images’.

On a linguistic level, an article discussing the lovely word ‘tat’.

Interesting articles from other countries: prison tattoos from SA and an article about yet another Spanish tattoo artist.

miscellanous contexts of tattooing

Changes over time: ‘tattoo art goes from wall to Web’ and ‘Inked Generation

Religion and its mortifying history of self-inflicting pain’ mentions, obviously, body modification. In case we need a history lesson, too, here’s ‘Clear as ink: brief history of the tattoo

There’s a lifestyle behind a stereotype: bikes and tattoos go hand in hand.

Marked women’ want to fight against stereotypes.

Law: ‘American Fork indecency case’ and ‘body modification as a right’.

Mentioned previously and now ready to open: the body carnival exhibition.

trends and feelings

It’s been a while without articles in Dutch, so here are two: ‘fake sleeves’ and generally about tattoos with Henk Schiffmacher’s opinion thrown in.

BMEzine.com vs. BME.com

Mother, daughter and tattoos in-between.

Requiem for Scofield’s tattoos? Personally, I do not care how long it takes to put on and off all this stuff – Prison Break is no Prison Break without tattoos, right?

Old and yet sound and still valid advice: do research before choosing (tattoo artist); esp. now when, as it seems, ‘more youths express grief through body art’ (this one’s interesting, at least to consider how true it actually might be).

‘in’ and ‘out’

Portraits of young people in a changing China’ seem a promising series of articles; luckily, they started with a portrait of a Chinese tattoo artist!

Yet another great way to take care of your tattoos: ‘Tattoo Potion…

With DNC in Denver (still?) going on, here’s a relevant article: ‘Conventions good for piercings, not so much for tattoos

Two points of view: ‘There are many reasons to get a tattoo’ and ‘Cops’ duty is more than skin deep’.

According to this German article, ‘raw’ kind of manhood (including tattoos) is ‘in’ now.

And since trying to make our dreams come true is always ‘in’ here’s a few words about a new tattoo shop in MI.

radical, new, funny …

Living up to a biblical name’ – a very interesting procedure recently done by Emilio Gonzalez.

A new method of tattoo removal?

Tattoo taboo?’ about body art in the corporate world; sounds pretty reasonable even if the points are far from being new here.

Kissing-crazy ‘Pokemon tribe’ with piercings in Chile.

Finally, *in*famous Prison Break tattoos might be back – season 4 of the show is about to begin soon.

tempora mutantur …

Articles showing popularity of tattoos: ‘Geek Ink’ and ‘tattoo business booming in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’.

Articles less enthusiastic about body art: ‘how things have changed’ and ‘… raise the tattoo age’.

News from New Zealand: ‘Maori tattoos in demand’ (less interesting than its promising title);

Tat tales’ – let’s make it more personal and a small reminder from Spain about tattoos and winter.

indelible and erasable

I’m really glad that the Olympic Games are over! The only upside of it for me was these articles about Olympic tattoos; here’s another one with some insight into the Chinese attitude towards tattoos in general: ‘to remember Beijing indelibly‘.

Tattoo removal from two angles: ‘erasing the past’ and ‘options for those with tattoo regret’. And a not bad one about a tattoo in the making.

Upcoming body art regulations in GA counties.

Two articles portraying the heavier tattooed guys in a good light: ‘Heaven’s Angels’ and ‘Tattoo shop hosts benefit for seniors after blaze

tattoos -a hot topic

Getting the facts straight about tattoos’ is something that should be done; another one claiming to be useful is ‘Body piercing: the safe way

Tattoos and society: ‘people with tattoos get bad ink’, ‘school board can’t agree on student tattoos’, a handful of opinions about tattoos from Port Huron readers and another article from Bountiful, UT, this time with voices of those responsible for the tattoo policy.

Not very smart: ‘Swastika tattoos found in candy packages’ in Israel of all countries possible. Swastika is way more than a Nazi symbol but not all of us are aware of that.

An interesting article from Germany that indirectly discusses a number tattoo from a concentration camp.

Two upcoming tattoo conventions: Tattoo Expo Tijuana 2008 and London Tattoo Convention which, this time, will be hosted in a new location.

the things people go through to …

A small update on El Paso county, CO – tattoo, piercing businesses may pay for inspections.

Since I’m at this, here’s two other articles: new business (read: tattoo parlor) will have to find new location and a sort of open letter to people from Port Huron (yes, it deals with tattoos, too).

The things women go through to attract men’ isn’t as bad as it sounds; too bad, however, that I have yet to read an article about ‘the things men do to attract women’.

More in the ‘people and their tattoos’ vein: ‘bold inklings’ and ‘olympic zealots’.

Tattoos and MRI’s: what’s the risk’ may answer a few questions; ‘Tattoos across America Tour’ certainly sounds like an interesting adventure/ enterprise’ and a short article about the Romulans sheds (not enough) light on their tattoos.

tattoos in jail, court, politics and museum

A couple of interesting ones today:

Germans ‘fascinated’ with eyeball tattooing for real: eyeball tattooing in the *in*famous Bild.de this time.

From Austria ‘piercings and tattoos: art or cult?’ with a bunch of videos attached.

Since tattoos and other body modifications make us so much easier to indentify, here’s jailhouse photographers talking about their job (photographing tattoos included).

Immortalizing protest with tattoos’ is from the Philippines (an extra article about balas boys).

A follow-up of this gruesome Swedish story about cutting one guy’s tattoos out with scissors.

Let’s finish with something more positive – how to choose a tattoo parlor and another kind of tattoo exhibition – Surface Design.