ink shades of popularity

A short series of articles about people who are quite famous thanks to their tattoos and interests: “Stalking Cat”, Kat Von D and Tim Steiner (Delvoye’s tattoos).

German articles like not only to present ‘new trends’ but also warn against them; after eyeball tattooing, time for ‘vampire fangs’.

News from Sweden: local tattoo artists propose outlawing tattoos for anyone under 18.

In dress code department ‘news’ from Utah: ‘many employers prohibit visible tattoos, body piercings on the job.

Two interesting ones: ‘text tattoos gaining popularity’ and ‘communication is on our bodies…’.

A humorous (and not that bad, really) ‘gem’: ‘A rebel kid dares to be different – doesn’t get a tattoo‘ and another one about how ‘body art can make skin crawl.