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facial tattoos discrimination

An interesting piece of news from New Zealand where a young guy was refused an entry into a bar because of his facial tattoos. Much uproar it caused but it was even more interesting to watch how the situation developed – fighting against stereotypes, Human Rights Commission not supporting the man’s claim, finally a fake/ or not reply of the owners of the bar involved. What will be next? Personally, the solution? Kill’em with kindness, one act of kindness, class and profesionalism at a time.

Katrina tattoos

Remembering the Hurricane Katrina by means of tattoos as shown by a professor from UT. He said some interesting things on the subject, too!

Katrina tattoos 2

Q&A with Lars Krutak – a good read!

Q&A with L. Krutak

unusual and cool


What have the greatest been doing recently? Henk Schiffmacher kept himself busy with tattoo storytelling on the footballers’ bodies while Don Ed Hardy was preparing his art exhibotion in San Francisco.

Quite interesting as not often we get to hear about the Icelandic tattoo scene!



It’s not a secret that my approach to tattoos is not about ‘hey, nice ink, dude!) but rather ‘it’s totally interesting; let’s learn some more and look into it,’ so I’m all about reading and thinking about tattoos on many levels. Those who think about tattoos in one way only are totally mistaken IMHO and I love proving it over and over gain.

so… without further ado …

Swimming, like many other sports, focus on body and mind but it’s also a bit different as it exposes its practitioners in more than one regard. Tattoos in swimming may be something special.

A Polish one about tattoos and job market. Much has been said about this question already and even much more will be said in the future. Always interesting even if a bit pointless.

Medical alert tattoos – they save lives with some body mutilation thrown in for good measure! πŸ˜›

A new book on tattoos!

Vitiligo sounds deliciously Latin but it’s WAY more than that!

Tattoos in Hong Kong.

Varied and interesting enough? πŸ˜‰

stories, stories …

state tattoos

I love this potential behind tattoos – it’s very cliche that tattooed bodies are like an open book but it’s ture to a degree; we just need to be open-minded, sensitive and perceptive enough to not only notice details but also hear ppl telling their stories. What are the stories behind theseΒ tattoos?

life story

at first one may think there’s no mystery behind these and yet, there’s a whole load of emotions, experiences and memories behind them as well.

accidental modification

so to speak! Funny how my current job has been forcing me to learn and do things I totally despise! Nicely showing how the modern capitalism works and all. Aside the growing fustration and expanding my resume, I’m gonna have an interesting scar on my right index finger now. Funny how damaged skin gets in the way of using our body efficiently.

finger mod

LOL Β since I’m forced to type more with my middle finger now, does it reflect my attitude towards the job and some ppl I have to interact with? Just a question πŸ˜›

don’t judge a book …

tattoo ban in Thailand

An interesting piece of news from Thailand where a local Ministry of Education is appealing to vocational schhols not to ban students with stretched lobes and tattoos due to their potential misbehaviors.

tattoo portraits

No wonder there are so many ppl out there who say ‘I’d love to have a tattoo but …’

As always, let’s live and try to change the stereotypes about us one good deed at a time.