dying art

dying art

a great gallery of ppl with tribal scarifications! There’s a distinct beauty to scars and fools are those who don’t comprehend it on the most basic, subconscious level!

pretty interesting, meaningful and way easier to understand: parents and their ink devoted to kids.

accidental modification

so to speak! Funny how my current job has been forcing me to learn and do things I totally despise! Nicely showing how the modern capitalism works and all. Aside the growing fustration and expanding my resume, I’m gonna have an interesting scar on my right index finger now. Funny how damaged skin gets in the way of using our body efficiently.

finger mod

LOL  since I’m forced to type more with my middle finger now, does it reflect my attitude towards the job and some ppl I have to interact with? Just a question 😛

beautiful people!

current African scarification - part of photo project

Once it was a sign of belonging, a symbol of social status and a reason to be proud. Today African people wearing traditional scarification face scorn and become objects of ridicule. Here’s an article on an interesting photo project by an African photographer.

Scarification in the West has also some traditions and, in men, even accidental scars were a reason to be proud of one’s strength and endurance. Today we discover this form of body art anew and make it our own. The masters of blade can do wonders with our skin but the price if very high!

*almost* Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, there are more and more Halloween-oriented things on the Internet, tattoos included. Here we have a slide show focused on Halloween tattoos and an tattoo artist into pumpkin carving.

Scarification is also about carving, like in the flesh. And yeah, some people actually pay to get it done 😉

Family-friendly tattoo shop here.

People and their stories, this time from WA, USA. Also, Mums with body art.

Another bunch of tattooed librarians getting ready to take over!


(the image from here!)

traditional vs. modern and artsy

Keone Nunes, a traditional Hawaiian tattoo artist, portrayed here. In a similar vein articles on yantra tattoos in Thailand – very interesting photographs here; one of the links submitted by Bastian!

An exhibit devoted to tattoos in art in Germany; here a teaser about it. Also from Bastian!

Something for Bastian and others into hooks – ‘hanging on’ discusses suspension, Allen Falkner and his TSD team.

Another influential person, Brian Decker, mentioned in this, somewhat naïve text about ‘scar tattoos’ (sic!).

We all heard about the first Christians allegedly tattooing the symbols of their faith on them or the medieval knights getting tattoos in the time of the Crusades; here’s another twist on it: ‘Jerusalem family tattoos pilgrims for centuries.’

Keep your tattoos from fading’ is a must at this time of the year!