stand against

With so many ppl being anti-multi-culti now, it’s actually refreshing to see someone who supports tolerance and open-mindness by means of tattoos (or not).

Nicely said, too!

stand against 2

Inspiring quotes to get done as tattoos. Powerful as they may be, it’s always better to choose something that’s more personal than an online recommendation πŸ˜‰

inspirng quotes

variety is good!

busy but still reading!

One of the “GoT” tattoos sums is up best: ‘A mind needs books like a stone needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge.’

100 years of tattoos

more about ‘100 Years of Tattoos’ book.

body suspension

Base suspension here.

It’s never too late – we already know it but it always fun to read about it and know other great minds think the same! πŸ˜‰

in Polish

Finally, a Polish text about tattoos and their current alleged normalcy – way too simplified but worth some thinking.

poppish and audacious ;)

audacity and tattoos

Audacity and tattoos plus a few pieces of information about tattoos in general.

GoT tattoos

Game of Thrones tattoos – let’s not forget to read the books, so we could actually know more than nothing πŸ˜‰

Starbuck and their tattoos-related dress code.


Finally, 21 problems that allegedly all tattooed people have – this one’s in Dutch!