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Sunday news

More about dress code, not only in Joplin, MO but also in TX (the policemen affected again). It’s interesting to see that when people are forced to cover their body art, the writers’ opinion tends to defend those who are affected/forced to cover their tattoos; when it’s all about expressing ourselves/ personal freedom, the opinions are totally different and people argue how important it is to be professional.

Since the majority of articles about Steiner and Delvoye I posted on here were usually in German, here’s an English one published today in the Times.

Zoning businesses, tattoo shops included, from Detroit, MI.

Dragon Tattoo full of secrets’ is a book review; not very detailed, though. A German one, thrown in for good measure, briefly mentions tattoos on Star Trek character(s) (seems like they’re also full of secrets for now).

I noticed today that Google Poland finally has a Google News section but, sadly, tattoos and body piercing are pretty non-existent in the Polish news.

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