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Dress code and schools: ‘schools ‘free to decide on facial piercings’ and a local piercer’s perspective on the subject fromNew Zealand.

Self injury may affect 3 million people’ mentions also ‘excessive’ modifying one’s body as a form of SJ. Subject to discuss, I think.

A talk show is going to cast in an episode about ‘being obsessed with tattoos.’ It’ll sure add something new to the subject?

Modified charity with Kat Von D starring in it: her fundraiser to help Japan.

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3 responses to “‘relief’

  1. Steph

    I think that schools are too strict on piercings overall. Granted I have taken most of mine out (by my own accord) as I have gotten older, however held onto my favorites!

    As far as self injury goes or SI, getting a tattoo/piercing is the equivalent to cutting one self. I know a few people who have reverted from SI to getting a tattoo for their own reasons instead of having the scars that SI can bring. I wouldn’t say that it (cutting/SI) falls into the modification sphere of things, however it still gives them an outlet for their pain and a more pleasing look esthetically. That however is based on the little bit of research I’ve done on the subject.

  2. aniareads ⋅

    lol so one could say that – to a degree – body piercing can be a phase we grow out from 😉 It’s natural, though – we grow, mature, change and our easthetics and the way we want to look and be perceived also changes.

    I also retired many piercings and kept only those that aren’t that visible; keeping things private feels better than to have everything on display. Not to mention that I also moved on to different forms of body modification – some stretching, scarification, more extensive tattooing and, above all, fitness which is a form of body modification for me 😀

    Personally (and as someone whom SI helped to deal with a very serious thing) I don’t think SI is really bad. People use many things to abuse their bodies and some of them are even more or less socially accepted. You can go overboard with everything, so maybe it’s better to keep it balanced, have things in abroader perspective and let others do what they want as long as they don’t harm others?

  3. Steph ⋅

    Well that’s exactly it! I once again, concur 🙂

    SI/modifications in general all have a stigma attached to them in some form or another. Although I would like to know more about SI as in do more research since getting my minor in order to better help the people who seek me out for help via the IMAlive network (which I haven’t started yet). I think it’s important not to judge, however to understand the reasons why.

    Some are embarrassed by their scars & some choose to embrace them. However if that’s what get’s you through the day and it’s not harmful to others, unethical or illegal then all the more power to you I say!

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