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not always about looks

what tattoos tell about you’ and ‘significance of the flower tattoos’ aren’t as deep as they claim to be.

Margot Mifflin, the author of ‘Bodies of Subversion,’ is up to republishing it; she also discusses the history of Olive Ooates. The subject of women and tattoos is also found in a Canadian article claiming that women are going for bigger and bolder tattoos these days.

Interesting pictures and some theory in a short article about dot tattoos.

An inspiration? A woman so obsessed with carrots that she got carrot tattoos.

A rare treat from New Zealand: an article about suspension!

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5 responses to “not always about looks

  1. bastian ⋅

    Good to see the NZ people talked about in a good light. Met them last year in Dallas, and they are genuinely nice folks.

  2. bastian ⋅

    And shouldn’t you get a chocolate tattoo then?

  3. Ania ⋅

    lol first I’d have to convince Slawek to skip finishing my calf and that would be a hard thing to do!

    a nice m&m tattoo should be in my plans, shouldn’t it?

  4. bastian ⋅

    Absolutely! Chocolate M&M, of course ;).

  5. Ania ⋅

    you know that peanut is the right way, don’t you? 😛

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