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And the winner of the Ink Master show is ………… .

Some eye candy for Kat Von D’s fans – her birthday seemed to be a great opportunity to post lots about her tattoos.

Another tattoo artist came up with an idea how to make a ‘tattoo’ for Nokia cell phones (I’m still going to stick to a BAF sticker that adorns my own phone, though). Also for tattoo fans a ‘Tattoo You app for iPad.

A nice article focused on tattoos in movies. In a similar vein some info on a mockumentary called ‘Dellusions in Modern Primitivism.’

Some more info on Sak Yant in Thailand – finally some meatier substance, eh?

From Canada a pice of news focused on tattoo handbook created to be a tool to fight organized crime.

And a nicely simple and cool idea – map tattoos.