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Polish national tats

national tats

A nice surprise in my fav Polish newspaper today – a pretty long article about patriotism-themed tattoos on Poles! Of course, seeing how most Poles are deadly serious about their country and everything related, these tattooos are all about martyrdom (Polish people are as martyr-like as you can get!), sacrifice, suffering, Pride (yep, it’s always about the capital P). Even our national Independence Day is in November which means no fireworks, no picnics, no fun, no pride (without the cap(s)).

What is interesting in this article is not tattoos themselves; it’s the thoughts, motives and dreams of people who wear these tattoos and these are pretty morose to put it mindly.

And, alas, at least some of the ppl described are very far from the ideal modified human being the late Shannon Larratt wanted to make real – educated, creative, open-minded, independent and trying to do their best just to show that being tattooed/ modified in any unconventional way doesn’t mean being a loser. Let’s just keep on trying! 😉

  • posted by a 100% Polish person without any Polish tattoos! 😛


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