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and things keep getting … weirder? ;)

naked dating show

just when we thought that the TV reached their most absurd level, here it comes: a new dating show with contestants showing all they have to offer right at the beginning. Inetresting on its own, it’ll be a bit more controversial thanks to at least one of the contestants/ daters: the most tattooed man in the UK.

No wonder most “normal” ppl think tattoos are crazy? 😛 when in the process of being hired, remain in clothes as apparently hiring managers don’t like the ink!

The cool news? tattoos were around way before the era of hiring managers and, I’d bet, they stay around way past all the managers on this planet. And even tho hand-tapping method of tattooing is *not* such a novelty, it’s good the traditional cultures are being kept alive.

coolsten Star Wars

Finally, a little more of Star Wars – it’s never enough of some tattooed Force 😉

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