tattooed ppl don’t sink!

There was a lot of articles and images from the tattoo convention in Venezuela. Most of them were ‘awe-and-cringe’ sort, so they weren’t worth being mentioned. This one is a bit different as it not only lets you see but also makes you listen to the people from the pictures and try to udnerstand the reasoning behind their decision!

breaking the laws of beauty

And just when you started thinking that it actually possible and doable to present body modification in a reasonable way, you come across a gem like this one; my nightmares may be haunted by ppl responsible for writing such pieces 😉

Nothing original in the dress code/ tattoos and jobs department: ‘hurting job prospects‘ and ‘ink, career sink.’

A bit similar is an ad campaign for tattoo removal business in Switzerland with images like these below. Something in them really annoys me 😛




But also from Switzerland comes a cool photo project focused on before/ after motif with a twist. This time it’s ‘before’ that makes people who they really are.

so wie ich bin projekt

Eyeball tattooing in the Washington Post. How popular has this mod become, huh?

eye tattoos

But even when it seems that the whole world is against you, there are still some rays of sunshine (even if they make your tattoos fade 😉

Chris Baker and his Ink 180 where he helps ex-gang members, ex-cons, victims of domestic violence, victims of sex trafficking and others overcome their past and traumas and start anew! Chris Baker is a good man in the first place but he also happens to be a tattoo artist.

Chris Baker

the old has gone

A documentary on tattoos in the making.

A great inspiring story showing once again (but for some people it’s never enough) how every body has its story and it gets cooler with a tattoo on it!

inspiring tattoo story

anima sana …


There is some weird appeal in the Reebok videos about their Reebok Forever challenge; I do agree with their statement that fitness is a lifestyle and I do know how much it takes to train your body to run longer distances, stretch deeper than ever before etc. I have, however, really mixed feelings about Reebok’s statement that ‘size matters’ only to proceed to encourage people to ink themselves with the corpo logo of theirs. Whatever rocks your boat, tho.

I like the videos:

RW's running race tattoos

The American RW gives us a different take on sports tattoos. Here size does not matter as it’s all about running spirit, keeping great memories right on your skin and encouraging you to keeping going. Two good slide shows and meaningful tattoos on passionate people!

it’s a new tech world out there ;)


Seeing how much I love my smartphone (and it shows even on here), I just had to read about tattoo apps and even try one; Alas, turned out the choice of the ‘tattoos’ is very limited and not really to my taste. You can play with them if you want to, though!

The new tech world is coming, though, as these articles show: 3D printer turned into a simple tattoo machine and  smart ’tattoos’ storing medical data. Rather interestingly, however, Maori tattoos apparently can be seen as therapy.

The Boulder Tattoo Project is both interesting and reminding me of the Skin Project.


Tattoos make you fat’ is hard to believe, especially if you take a look at a heavily tattooed David Beckham who just launched his swim wear collection for H&M.

Yakuza is becoming very tech, too – Yamaguchi-Gumi have their own website now and want to improve their public image.

Tunisia and how tattoos are perceived there.

Finally, a very interesting one from Bastian, ‘the ancient and mysterious history of tattoos.’

losing the edge?

A leading motif in today’s update as it seems! Interesting, however, how limited is the info and images we get in the mass media!

Rihanna and her tattoos will be proudly featured in the March issue of the Vogue magazine. Will they mention that Rihanna got at least one cover up which means that she wasn’t really satisfied with her tattoo(s)? She looks glamorous and rebellious in a tamed way, so why not to show how original *not* she is?


Colin Kaepernick and his wonderfully fit and ripped body is featured in the video below. He’s proud of his tattoos and media also use his image to get some clicks and better rankings.

But when celebs flaunt their ink and inspire ordinary people to get some, too, will they try to warn those poorer than them about the risk and price that go with cheap tattoos? ‘botched tattoos‘ and ‘unlicensed shops‘ (two different countries in this case but it goes further, of course). And let’s not forget about the infamous piercing guns and the risks that go with them.

It’s all about being smart, patient and educated. It’s cool to kow that you can discuss tattoos and dress code related to them in school settings.

With the tattoos so omnipresent now and with their meanings narrated, explained and discussed about, now it’s time for a pendulum swing: ‘getting a tattoo has lost its edge,’ ‘only cool tattoos survive’ and ‘the existential anguish of the tattoos.’

Before tattoos lose their edge completely, however, let’s use it for a bank ad!

It’s a multifaceted subject, though, and that’s why I’m in for good! 😉

With tattoos you can change your image and solve your problems in many ways: ‘cosmetic tattoos a growing trend among Japan’s senior citizens,’ ‘it’s never too late to get a tattoo,’ ‘tattoos help breast cancer survivors’ and – a sign of time – Getty Images presenting new images of women, a.o. also these with tattoos and other body modifications!


Tattoos also equal big money coming from the entertainment industry: ‘Tattoo Titans’ is a new Ink Reality TV show but Ink Master is also going strong. Pretty cool video below:

And here 3D ‘tattoos’ that turn out to be ‘just’ very cool examples of body painting skills (Hikaru Cho and Znag).


so behind on the updates but a lot’s been happening! Let’s get started, though, shall we?

The biggest news was certainly Mandela’s death! It was coming, of course, but still, it’s one of these great people who changed the world for better! Soon after, people started getting Mandela tattoos – that’s how the pop culture works!

Mandela did change South African political system and kept trying to change the way people perceive those who differ from them but even in other countries it still matters – race and tattoos in advertising still have a negative impact on people! Unless you are a Rihanna who shows off not only her tattoos but also a lot more, here her new fragrance ad.

In Australia partial ban on tattoos in the police force.

Tattoos in Iran.

When I came across this article about writers and their tattoos I was quite interested. After feeding my Kindle with the books (they are, luckily for me, quite cheap!) my excitement somewhat subsided as the novel and stories proved to be just mediocre romances with tattoos used as accessories. Sure, there some attempts at making it good – multiple POV’s, setting in New Orlean and references to the impact Katrine had on the people living there, there was also one breast cancer survivor trying to reclaim her body, quite a strong BDSM motif etc. but still, there are way better novels about tattoos out there!

The first clip of the upcoming ‘Divergent’ movie. The ideas behind the faction tattoos are pretty cool; too bad soon there will be loads of faction tattoos in the real world! 😉