more and more tattoo contexts

artists with Down Syndrome and tattoos

An interesting article on the Huff site about an episode of the reality ink TV featuring tattoos designed by people/ artists with Down Syndrome.

the world atlas of tattoos

More about the book “The World Atlas of Tattoos.

Traditonal tattoos in Alaska – more about it.

Be a tattooed and good wo/man – ‘get a tattoo, help a baby.’

dress code and tattoos in Polish

A bunch of Polish ones: a modified look and job search, a calendar project focused on tattooed profesionals plus two interesting ones from a pretty unexpected source (thank you sent your way! 😉 ): tattoo regrets *not* and interesting tattoo projects based on individual anatomy.

fuer immer und immer …

tattoo preserving

the title is a reference to a cool song by Henzel und Gretyl but tattoos operate on the same level of permanence, don’t they? Once we are dead, they are not so permanent anymore but Americans from OH want to change it and preserve the tattoos after the death of their owners. Was the idea develope independently (along the great-minds-do-think-alike lines) or somehow inspired by Henk Schiffmacher and his wish to preserve his and others’ tattoos for their cultural and personal value’s sake? And let’s not forget these guys!

Temporary tattoos are a hit, too; here some Alice in Wonderland tattoos.

so what

A big shocker or just an ordinary thing? Everything depends on our openmindness and exposure to other ppl’s taste, I guess.

tattoos for food

Finally, a cool thing being done for others – tattoos for food!


job refusal

Not judging a book by its cover is such an old adage that one may think everyone knows better by now. Sadly, that’s not the case! If even a fraction of the claims of the guy in question here is true, then it’s quite outrageous!

inked mommas

On the other end of the spectrum (and there’s always the opposite end of it!) we have tattoos as a means to honor, remember, cherish: inked Mommas honor and cherish memories of their lost kids, police officers and their families commemorate the fallen or traumatic events quite common in this line of job.

And there are those inked “good-for-nothing monsters” who put lots of thoughts and efforts to help their local communities like this recent example nicely shows!

How is it possible that there are people who see only unconventionally colored skin and are totally blind to the souls living inside?

Portraits taken at the Icelandic Tattoo Expo 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland. September 14, 2013. Copyright © 2013 Matthew Eisman. All Rights Reserved

Portraits taken at the Icelandic Tattoo Expo 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland. September 14, 2013. Copyright © 2013 Matthew Eisman. All Rights Reserved

Finally, nothing related to the links above but still interesting – a tattoo convention in Iceland!

creative and cool!

tasmanian project

So maybe a photo project focused on tattooed ppl is not as creative as it may seem at first (there are many similar projects already out there) but since every story is both similar and original at the same time, take a look anyway!

project semicolon

Project Semicolon is a very interesting and noble thing, tho!

coptic tattoos

Tattoos as a way to show both your religion and your courage to believe in it – it’s not always an easy and safe thing to do!

brace tattoos

A cool way to make some lemonade – tattooed leg braces!

Finally, an interesting tattooing style – cross-stitching!

go big!

A Polish article presents the local scene and the growing interest in tattoos. Another one, focused on the South Korean tattoo scene, presents cats-themed tattoos done in South Korea despite the fact that tattoos are still a taboo there.

Digital tattoos show what the future might bring.

A swedish teaching assistant has been pushing limits with his ear stretching passion.

fund for a disabled teen

Finally, say what you want but everyone can help – a body piercing fund raiser to collect money for a disabled teen!

God and tattoos …

One of these rare articles focused on faith and actually supporting tattoos: 5 Christian arguments for getting tattoos.

autism awareness

April is National Autism Awareness Month and this guy’s idea to help raise awareness teamed up with a local tattoo shop is awesome!

new orleans tattoo museum

Finally, another article about the New Orleans Tattoo Museum, already up and running!

Friday the 13th – totally atypical

A great action on tattoo artists’ part in the UK – all the proceedings from Friday the 13th tattoos go to the local hospice!

A good initiative also in Poland where the local artists join the Mam Marzenie (I Have a Dream) foundation to make kids happy.

gold fakir

chest pains - Fakir Musafar

Fakir Musafar has been around for decades and the body modification subculture wouldn’t have been the same without him. Here’s an article about Fakir now!

beneath the ink

Tattoos and freedom of expression in books by Meghan March. I fed my kindle with samples of her books, so I’ll see what it’s like.

fixing tattoos

After the TV Ink reality shows, Bodyshockers and some other goodies, the tattoo stuff is still popular and a new show focused on fixing the tattoos is going to be made soon.

Illegal tattoo artists in New Mexico!

Some tattoo advice here and the crazy “beauty” of tattoo question list here.

exhibit, helping out and pride


More press coverage of the tattoo exhibit in Hamburg, Germany.

Another mention about the Expanded Eye tattoo shop.

the puzzle of extreme rituals

The Puzzle of Extreme Rituals‘ – an interesting read for sure.

Helping out the victims of sex trafficking once tattoo cover-up at a time!

Kurdish tattoos

Kurdish women and their traditional tattoos – something old and beautiful has been vanishing!

tattooed ppl don’t sink!

There was a lot of articles and images from the tattoo convention in Venezuela. Most of them were ‘awe-and-cringe’ sort, so they weren’t worth being mentioned. This one is a bit different as it not only lets you see but also makes you listen to the people from the pictures and try to udnerstand the reasoning behind their decision!

breaking the laws of beauty

And just when you started thinking that it actually possible and doable to present body modification in a reasonable way, you come across a gem like this one; my nightmares may be haunted by ppl responsible for writing such pieces 😉

Nothing original in the dress code/ tattoos and jobs department: ‘hurting job prospects‘ and ‘ink, career sink.’

A bit similar is an ad campaign for tattoo removal business in Switzerland with images like these below. Something in them really annoys me 😛




But also from Switzerland comes a cool photo project focused on before/ after motif with a twist. This time it’s ‘before’ that makes people who they really are.

so wie ich bin projekt

Eyeball tattooing in the Washington Post. How popular has this mod become, huh?

eye tattoos

But even when it seems that the whole world is against you, there are still some rays of sunshine (even if they make your tattoos fade 😉

Chris Baker and his Ink 180 where he helps ex-gang members, ex-cons, victims of domestic violence, victims of sex trafficking and others overcome their past and traumas and start anew! Chris Baker is a good man in the first place but he also happens to be a tattoo artist.

Chris Baker

the old has gone

A documentary on tattoos in the making.

A great inspiring story showing once again (but for some people it’s never enough) how every body has its story and it gets cooler with a tattoo on it!

inspiring tattoo story

the eyes of the Ibad and more

not that breaking news, mind you, but looks like Kickstarter suspended Ilma Gore’s project page. Freedom of expression much? (regardless of your opinion on her idea).

EDITED: where there is a will, there is a way and one must admire Illma Gore’s determination; she’s on gofundme website now.

Whatever we think about her idea, she’s fighting for it and it’s interesting to say the least!

Shannon's eyes of Ibad

BBC ran an article about eyeball tattoos; their curiosity was spured by Jason Barnum, a convict from the US whose one eyaball is tattooed black. Let’s use this opportunity to shed more light on so-called eyeball tattooing, how it all started and what inspired it but let’s also remember about possible risks.

tatuaze wolnosci

Criminal tattoos covered professionally by the tattoo artists is a cool initiative in Poland. The idea is not new, mind you, and similar projects have been run in the US and probably other countries, too but this Polish one is close to my Polish heart!

Tattoos and good initiatives also in a n article about the organization from Colorado and “Tattoo Fairy” from Canada, who helps cover burn scars.

teens, tattoos and Torah

From St. Louis, MO, an article about Jewish teens and their dilemmas with tattoos; interesting.

horros tattoos

Finally, some gore-ish fun thanks to s lide show focused on the one and only Jason Voorhess of Friday the 13 fame!