the old traditions

say no to FGM

Surprising news from the UK where female genital piercings may be considered a form of FGM! It’s definitely both suprrising and outrageous to even compare both forms of modification as they are on the opposite sides of the body modification spectrum! It’s even more outrageous that male genital piercings seem to be totally OK.

In other, less shocking news …


Japanese tattoo tradition in an exhibition in NYC and another one focused on the Lexington Project in the Art Museum at the University of Kentucky.

The best tattoo shops in NYC and Chicago.

Bamboo tattoos – the process, the feelings, the impressions.

The European Union is looking closely into tattoo inks; nothing solid as of yet, though.


A very interesting article about centuries-old Coptic tattoos!

Friday the 13th – totally atypical

A great action on tattoo artists’ part in the UK – all the proceedings from Friday the 13th tattoos go to the local hospice!

A good initiative also in Poland where the local artists join the Mam Marzenie (I Have a Dream) foundation to make kids happy.

gold fakir

chest pains - Fakir Musafar

Fakir Musafar has been around for decades and the body modification subculture wouldn’t have been the same without him. Here’s an article about Fakir now!

beneath the ink

Tattoos and freedom of expression in books by Meghan March. I fed my kindle with samples of her books, so I’ll see what it’s like.

fixing tattoos

After the TV Ink reality shows, Bodyshockers and some other goodies, the tattoo stuff is still popular and a new show focused on fixing the tattoos is going to be made soon.

Illegal tattoo artists in New Mexico!

Some tattoo advice here and the crazy “beauty” of tattoo question list here.

new year, new things

And here we go again! I actually hope that this year my tattoos will not cost me a job only because my potential employer is unable to see and appreciate me as a good, hard worker and a decent person! What I have actually been trying to show on this blog is that tattoos and all other forms of body modification are something special but far from being harmful or detrimental to the society. All we need is just open-mindness and an ability to accept and embrace people who differ from us!

daniel snoeks

South Korea again where the tattoos are still underground. This article is actually optimistic, though, as it shows how the social attitudes change, also thanks to an Australian named Daniel Snoek who is quite popular in Sth. Korea and somehow is able to show people that there are many different aesthetics!

tattoo stories

People and their stories speak the best for tattoos as a form of art and self-expression. Here’s an article about rewards and regrets when it comes to tattoos. More tattoo stories in the Washington Post, here.

A punk rock expert with a knack for tattoos (and that’s in German).

NBA tattoos

We live and grow (both physically and mentally, of course) and our body modifications (even if it’s just our love for tortilla chips 😉 ) show the changes the best. Hard to believe that once upon a time also basket ball players were pretty much blank!

modified charity

Nothing shows better that body art does *not* equal evil than charity events organized by the modified people. Here a wonderful idea for a body art calendar made to help homeless people!

A piece of history in an article about a female tattoo artist working in NYC when tattooing was illegal and how things changed over time!

Have an awesome new year out there! 🙂

for our lil bros (and sisters, too)

NYC outrage

It didn’t take *that* long! When a *cough* “tattoo artist” tattooed his dog and posted about it online, it sparked quite an outrage in NYC and everywhere else (it’s a small world these days). Now tattooing or modifying animals in other “unconventional” ways is going to be forbidden in NY. The law is not anti-body mod at all, it’s againts all the irresponsible people who don’t think about their furry/ scaly/ feathery friends’ wellbeing!

body and psyche

From Germany an article teasing us how body modification changes not only our bdoies but also our souls!

*im*mortal Henk Schiffmacher

Old news from last week or so but still worth noting!


Henk Schiffmacher wants to make possible to preserve tattoos after their owner’s death. Allegedly he’s been munching on the idea for quite a while but now he started working on it more dilligently and began consulting with a lawyer. As he says, ‘“Well I don’t want to pull the skin off everyone with a tattoo, really! Hahaha. I don’t want to help the entire population out of their jackets! No, I only want that some highlights are preserved. There are some beautiful tattoos that tell a story about their time and you have to make an exception for that. You have to keep those, I think.”

The idea itself isn’t new but so far it’s been only something very unusual. Wim Delvoye and his tattoo on Tim Steiner comes to mind and, way ealier, pieces of tattooed skin peeled off the criminals in the 19th and early 20th century. Also, the tattoo shop Walls and Skins offers such a service.

Mr. Schiffmacher is a fascinating character and we can only wish him best of luck! 🙂

Thou shall (not) …

There’s still a lot of commotion about the proposed 24-hour waiting period in Washington D.C. Even the Fox TV has put its two cents on the subject. The poll shows that majority of people are against it. In the meanwhile, a MI senator proposed a tattoo ban for minors. There may actually be something to it as this short article from TX shows, where high school students revealed their secret tattoos in their year book. it should not be about banning, though, it should be about educating!

But tattoos are also about beauty and life affirmation as this great P.INK campaign shows!

As they say, every body tells a story and, even though cliché as it sounds, it actually does.

More on the Bled for Boston project.

Tattoos may be frowned upon and people deemed not to be trusted about them but no one can deny that tattoos are more and more popular. This article from the Washington Post shows, yet again, that you are never too old to get a tattoo. Pretty much the same message you can get from a Polish article about a growing number of Poles adorning their skin.

Also from the Washington Post, an awesome, interactive tattoo guide!

Tattoo Conventions: the BIG one in London and a local one in Katowice, Poland (this one also shows that suspension shows are a staple of tattoo conventions now).

More on Japan, how Japanese view tattoos and how it may be a problem during the future Olympics.

Tattooers and their thoughts: a Chinese artist from Beijing (here‘s his Instagram) (“Tattoo is similar in that way [to painting] but at the same time I think it’s more than that. It’s alive, it’s got blood, it’s got pain and it will always stay with you. It is a very unique and rare art form.” and “A good tattooist must have a thorough understand of history, culture and humanity. It’s not just about picking up a machine and finishing a pattern.“) and an Australian whose faith makes him believe that ‘”Jesus loves [him] with or without [his] tattoos.” The latter line may be handy next time we run into people thinking along the ‘if God wanted us to have tattoos ….’ lines.

Finally, tattoo etiquette or why it’s not a good idea to touch our tattoos without asking first!

Tattoos: job market, jail and more

Quite a lot of articles on tattoos and job market. It started when I came across this one about a young woman removing her old tattoos to be able to move on and then it just went downhill. Interestingly and funny enough, I also read this one about a new technique that allows to reveal removed or covered-up tattoos. Apparently, we can’t escape from ourselves 😉

I’ve already written about it some time ago but since it’s interesting enough and some new info popped up, here Lexington Tattoo Project again. Of course, you just can’t stop thinking how similar it is to Shelley Jackson’s Skin Project but these days it’s actually hard to come up with something really new.

Another one resembling the Skin Project if the Human Rights Tattoo project that got some press again. As a matter of fact, I was SOOO ready to be part of it but alas, it’s not gonna happen any time soon due to their rather strict rules! Too bad! Since I like to think about myself as a flexible person and an activist, I adopted some bees instead!

Don Ed Hardy – a book review.

Popularity of tattoos and a suggestion that we don’t know when to stop juxtaposed with a D.C., USA proposal for a 24-hours waiting period for tattoos and body piercings!

Tattoos in prison as seen from a few different angles.

Couples tattoos – apparently they always go wrong!

Some pics: ’22 tantalizing tattoos’ and not that good a Game of Thrones tattoo (here only b/c I like the books!).

Hand-tapping tattoos in New Zealand and some history of tattoos in Japan.

Is it me only or the Huffington Post is getting a lil weak? This article about facial tattoos kinda proves it.

An article about one of the L.A.-based suspension groups.

In this weekend’s ‘High Heels’ edition (a weekend extra for the Wyborcza newspaper) there’s an interesting article about Vampira whose image found its way into the tattoo world. The pic below was spat out by the Google Images but it seems to origin from this website.