dying art

dying art

a great gallery of ppl with tribal scarifications! There’s a distinct beauty to scars and fools are those who don’t comprehend it on the most basic, subconscious level!

pretty interesting, meaningful and way easier to understand: parents and their ink devoted to kids.

be who you are!


For some reasons a message in this video picturing Jesus as a tattoo artist taking upon himself the sins of people kind of touched me. Obviously, there are people who find it blasphemous but for me it’s both quite creative and powerful.

Artists from Hong Kong once again: Joey Pang and Gabe Shum; also, Kenji Alucky from Japan and his stunning tattoos.

A new TV show, ‘Tattoos After Dark,’ soon to appear on TV.

Suicide Girls dub into burlesque.

anthropological touch

Tattoos now in texts from NYC, Singapore and Kenya. Tattoos that are dying out right in front of our eyes in a text from Algeria.

National Geographic posted an interesting interview focused on female genital mutilation.

Punk pastor from NYC whose body is covered with tattoos, head adorned with a Mohawk and he quotes hip-hop lyrics to make a point.

30 Seconds to Mars and their call for fan tattoos not that well received by fans!

From Poland a review of a recent tattoo convention in Gdansk.