the old traditions

say no to FGM

Surprising news from the UK where female genital piercings may be considered a form of FGM! It’s definitely both suprrising and outrageous to even compare both forms of modification as they are on the opposite sides of the body modification spectrum! It’s even more outrageous that male genital piercings seem to be totally OK.

In other, less shocking news …


Japanese tattoo tradition in an exhibition in NYC and another one focused on the Lexington Project in the Art Museum at the University of Kentucky.

The best tattoo shops in NYC and Chicago.

Bamboo tattoos – the process, the feelings, the impressions.

The European Union is looking closely into tattoo inks; nothing solid as of yet, though.


A very interesting article about centuries-old Coptic tattoos!

too traditional, too modern

Sak Yant tattoos

Traditional Thai tattoo festival shows how important tattoos can be for people believing in their power. On the other side of the tattoo spectrum there are modern Chinese women eager to adorn their bodies and yet forced to face the prejudice of those not ready to accept this form of self-expression in the Chinese society.

Tattoos at work – this time it’s journalists showing off their body art.

face jewlery by Givenchy

Finally, as edgy as they may be without having to undergo the procedures – Givenchy and its facial jewelry.

so popular, so cool ;)

tatto popularity

A Swiss article tries to answer the eternal question of tattoo popularity while an American article tackles another one, why get a tattoo?


Laura Jane of the Against Me! band tells the stories and emotions behind her tattos and it’s quite interesting. A tattooed plus size model, Tess Holliday, defies the beauty norms and it makes one think.

In Poland, tattoos shouldn’t be an obstacle to get a job in police force.

A village fights a centuries-old curse with flagellation and body piercings in India.

Inked interview

A short interview with the Inked’s Editor in Chief.

things you shouldn't say

Finally, a pretty funny article about things you should never say to someone with piercings. You better keep it in mind 😛

voices from the past

Olive Oatman

Olive Oatman’s story – well-known but always interesting to hear and refresh again.

Why does the Bible prohibit tattoos? It’s been written about and discussed many times but why not again? It sounds pretty reasonable and even respectful to a degree.

Fat Bob

A moving story of an ol’ timer forced to close his shop after 30 years of operating and tattooing even longer. Just imagien what had this guy seen, experienced, done! Respect!

exhibit, helping out and pride


More press coverage of the tattoo exhibit in Hamburg, Germany.

Another mention about the Expanded Eye tattoo shop.

the puzzle of extreme rituals

The Puzzle of Extreme Rituals‘ – an interesting read for sure.

Helping out the victims of sex trafficking once tattoo cover-up at a time!

Kurdish tattoos

Kurdish women and their traditional tattoos – something old and beautiful has been vanishing!

people and tattoos

dad's sleeve

A touching idea – a proud dad getting his son’s drawings tattooed on him. The photographer’s FB posts nicely show how the news spread!. Would you say it’s a stupid idea? Would you say tattoos are only for ex-cons? would you say tattoos are only for idiots?

A living legend, Shanghai Kate is working on a tattoo book!

Lars Krutak

Lars Krutak is sharing his tattoo knowledge with others! and here an old NG article about tattoos.

What it takes to design a science tattoo?

Like everything in life, tattoos (and other forms of body modification) are so much more than they seem to be at first! We just need to open our eyes!

Oetzi and pin-up girls – postmodernism rules, no?

Oetzi's tattoos

A bit more about the most famous Iceman ever and his newly discovered tattoo(s).

Inked Pin-Up issue 2014

The Inked magazine and its pin-up issue (the pic above is from 2014).

Cosmo posted an article about the Polish project ‘Freedom tattoos’ (altho I’d say that ‘liberating tattoos’ might a better name). Controversial as it is, it’s better to have a great tattoo than a bad one!

tattoos suffer from misplaced criticism‘ – good point altho it takes a lot of time and effort to change the mainstream’s attitude (not that many of us are going to stop trying!).

American Vintage Tattoo team

Shop talk from a shop owner in CA and a tattoo artist from CO.

Expanded Eye shop seems to be doing a great job with creating quite high brow tattoos.

beautiful people!

current African scarification - part of photo project

Once it was a sign of belonging, a symbol of social status and a reason to be proud. Today African people wearing traditional scarification face scorn and become objects of ridicule. Here’s an article on an interesting photo project by an African photographer.

Scarification in the West has also some traditions and, in men, even accidental scars were a reason to be proud of one’s strength and endurance. Today we discover this form of body art anew and make it our own. The masters of blade can do wonders with our skin but the price if very high!