old and new side by side

bodymod grinders

A pretty interesting article on more extreme forms of body modification and people who decided to undergo such procedures. As with everything, it’s actually unwise to ask why as the reasons are endless and yet everything can be summed up with simple ‘why not?’

body suspension in Sri Lanca

This photo appeared in the newest issue of the Polish NG. It’s nicely traditional and shows that there is way more more to body suspension than the mass media want us to think!

Holocaust survivor and her tattoo!

Newsweek has just run a Holocaust survivor’s touching account about her concentration camp tattoo. These tattoos were meant to strip people of their humanity and dignity – they were becoming numbers, no names, no faces, no stories, just numbers. Ms Kor didn’t have a choice about the tattoo but she decided to own it: “I was always proud of my tattoo […]  It is kind of like my badge of courage. I actually like looking at it, even though it’s not very clear. That’s okay – I know why it’s not clear.”

survivor tattoos

Hopefully the Nazi era is gone forever but the memories and lessons learned should live forever; the lives that had been lost should be remembered and celebrated. Some young Jews want to make sure that this tragedy will never be forgotten and celebrate their grandfathers by getting their concentration camp tattoos done as a reminder and warning and so much more. Not everyone looks at it favorably but tattoos always polarize the public opinion!