body as a machine

An article about Shannon and another guy who also was involved in body modification (although a different sort).

Body modification and a sixth sense, and body hacking presented quite academically.

Pain Solution’s still touring the US.

The article on the rise of the tattoo craft briefly describes what a long way the tattoo art underwent to be where it is now. Quite ironically,methinks, there’s also one being a sign of our times: the Body Shocking Show TV series where in one of the episodes a man is having his genitals pierced on air.

Different types of tattoos: ‘terminator tattoos’ (nice!), recovery ink and temporary tattoos for belly buttons.

In the Polish army there’s a strong distinction between disfiguring and non-disfiguring tattoos; you can sport the latter and still be part of the army. Wonder how would they perceive mine? 😉

A ‘celeb tattoo hall of shame’ slid show is, in a way, also a shame!

tattoos everywhere

Vladimir Franz didn’t win the presidential elections in Czech Repubic but here we have an interesting poll showing that maybe tattoos aren’t such a big political turn-off after all?

Dress code-related: Ottawa hospital staff can sport visible body modifications! Shifting taboos on tattoos at work, millennials and tattoo trends and, from a different perspective, young people in India removing tribal tattoos!

Tattoos and exhibits: non-body-art by tattoo artists and an exhibit focused on female tattoo artists.

The Soska sisters and their ‘American Mary’ movie!

A nice submission from Bastian: text tattoos as a way for our bodies to twit 😉