the eyes of the Ibad and more

not that breaking news, mind you, but looks like Kickstarter suspended Ilma Gore’s project page. Freedom of expression much? (regardless of your opinion on her idea).

EDITED: where there is a will, there is a way and one must admire Illma Gore’s determination; she’s on gofundme website now.

Whatever we think about her idea, she’s fighting for it and it’s interesting to say the least!

Shannon's eyes of Ibad

BBC ran an article about eyeball tattoos; their curiosity was spured by Jason Barnum, a convict from the US whose one eyaball is tattooed black. Let’s use this opportunity to shed more light on so-called eyeball tattooing, how it all started and what inspired it but let’s also remember about possible risks.

tatuaze wolnosci

Criminal tattoos covered professionally by the tattoo artists is a cool initiative in Poland. The idea is not new, mind you, and similar projects have been run in the US and probably other countries, too but this Polish one is close to my Polish heart!

Tattoos and good initiatives also in a n article about the organization from Colorado and “Tattoo Fairy” from Canada, who helps cover burn scars.

teens, tattoos and Torah

From St. Louis, MO, an article about Jewish teens and their dilemmas with tattoos; interesting.

horros tattoos

Finally, some gore-ish fun thanks to s lide show focused on the one and only Jason Voorhess of Friday the 13 fame!

tattoos in …


Ideal body? who knows! Pretty good photography? definitely. Justin Bieber in CK ad campaign.

dress code

Bieber’s tattoos and looks landed him a job but not all of us are so lucky; an article from the UK focuses on a very old question of tattoos and job market.

AZ yogi

Two interesting articles from AZ – a tattoo artist specializing in tattoo portraits and a tattooed yogi who’s into developing both body and mind.

One of the Great Ones – Lyle Tuttle!

paramedical tattoos

More than just a form of self-expression or a fashion statement – paramedical tattoos covering up burn scars.

new hope ;)

2015 is going to start nicely for tattooed German soldiers as the ban on their tattoos will be lifted to a degree!


In the UK there is a tattoo awareness campaign named “Think Before You Ink!” going and it’s nicely focused on raising awareness of the law and warning against the “scratchers.” More about it here!

think before you ink campaign

Finally, it’s always worth the effort to be original when it comes to a tattoo but a bit of sense of humor wouldn’t hurt, either and here you have a pretty cool combo of tradition and custom tattooo in a form of an old vending machine and Kinder Surprise-like eggs – Rusty Needle Tattoo and their cool idea! Chekc out their *iggit* FB page as well!

Rusty Needle Tattoo