Disney with a twist

Disney with a twist

That’s a new-old take on the Girl Power concept and I like how colorful it is. All the characters modified by the artist are infamous for their submissiveness and readiness to compromise themselves to be loved by their men (Cinderella ran barefoot on only gawds know what roads, Arielle went so far as removing her tongue and ability to speak out for herself and it didn’t really pay off etc) and here they are regaining their power in a way. Sure, they still look like a tatted-up version of Barbie but there’s a certain edge about them and I like them in a way.

A much more interesting, however, take on Disney characters was done by another Italian artist, Alexandro Palombo who dared to take us waay behind our comfort level and confronted us with disabilities. Very interesting and thought-provoking but also served in a light way.

Disney like us

Now, who’ll take male characters and start working on them? 

girl power!


In a way, Lisbeth Salander personifies the girl power concept with this intriguing edgy look (as not all of us have to look like overphotoshopped supermodels, right?)

But here we have regular everyday superwomen with lots of talent and hard work invested in their work and passion: 10 good female tattoo artists from the US and Europe being represented by two sisters from Austria (their website).

religion and tattoos can go hand in hand

My Saturday morning ritual (a huge breakfast and a weekend edition of my fav newspaper) turned out really nice today when I saw that a very cool tattooed female pastor was featured on the main cover of the weekend extra! Nadia Bolz-Weber appeared in some American articles I linked to on here but never in a Polish one, so it’s a real treat!


The interview with her is very interesting and shows Christianity as an evolving and open religion that embraces instead of ostracizing and that’s exactly the kind of religion I could follow. Nadia Bolz-Weber seems a very self-confident, strong and open-minded woman and I really admire her for that! You can get a small sample of her style in this video:

Nadia Bolz-Weber published a book based on her own story, so once it’s here and I’m done with reading it, I’ll make sure to post a review on here!

pastrix cover

I actually love that there seem to be many ways of approaching God(s) and religion(s). Living in a country when one ultra-conservative religion dominates the public discussion on what’s right and wrong is quite difficult, especially if you prefer to think for yourself and try to find your own path to God and spirituality. In this article about a local pastor’s joke on tattoos and the way it turned out for his church members you find both spirituality and a sense of humor (who said God doesn’t have it?). I don’t think it would be possible in my country yet but who knows what’s in store for us in the future?


some tattoos don’t hurt even if they make you think ;)


An interesting photoshop/ tattoo project was hot on the Web this week. There is something totally fascinating about the colored skin although ever since I started tattooing myself, the blank skin seems even more fascinating (and kind of alien) to me. Do people with tattoos look better or worse than people without color in their skin? There is *no* right answer here!

With tattoos (and other kinds of body modification) come responsibility and health risks, though, so one needs to be careful. A TN-based tattoo artist (and mother as one doesn’t exclude the other!) wants people to be more aware of home tattooing among minors. This UK woman seems to have experienced a real horror when her cheek piercings turned out bad (not very reliable source, though) while here you can read about ear lobe reconstruction (as sometimes we grow out of our mods).


More on Shanghai Kate and her impact on the modern tattoo world. Another great female tattoo artist, Hannah Aitchinson, here.

3-D tattoos are all the rage now. Here both some articles on the subjects and links to artists good at 3-D illusion.

The world that goes away – the last Pangutob tattoo artist in Phillipines.

In the US the Republican Party suddenly becomes more open-minded and one of her reps states: “We need a bigger party. We need a party that looks like America,[…  ] We need a more diverse party,” […] “People with tattoos, and without tattoos. With earrings, and without earrings.” When they get the power, they won’t need anyone!

In a Japanese city of Zushi ‘scary’ tattoos were banned on the public beach popular among American sailors.

Are tattoos taboo?’ asks a Christian writer and even though she seems to be against the tattoos on a personal level, she also states that ‘in the world of God it is not what is on the outside of a person that matters, but what is on the inside.’ Amen to that! 🙂

wear your ink


This pretty cool photo for another PETA ad shows not only that wearing your own skin is better than wearing animal one but also what a great combo body fitness and body modification are in one package! More of the PETA’s ‘ink not mink’ here!

One may find PETA controversial, of course, but using tattoos to give women their self-confidence back is definitely a good thing (unless you are a conservative sexist with some psychotic traits that is), so let’s feature another article about nipple tattooing that helps cancer survivors not only on purely physical/ aesthetical level!

Women and tattoos in a photography project!

And women with tattoos on TV – a new ink reality TV show features Friday Jones herself. In other news, Shanghai Kat is going to visit a tattoo convention in Minnesota real soon.

Spend the day with a tattoo artist’ is from Australia and about an old-timer which makes is quite interesting (plus putting people in a tattoo shop and watching/ reading about them is almost like a conducting a psychological experiment ;))

It may sound a little rough at first but has good points and should be read and pondered on – ‘hand, neck, finger, face tattoos and why I won’t do them!

It works for some people – tattoo ideas taken from celebs and pop stars; in this case it’s mostly ear tattoos.

What Islam has to say on the subject of tattoos – interesting and elaborate to a degree.

Finally, a nice gem showing the Sinner Team (a Russian suspension group) in action – a video included!

be who you are!


For some reasons a message in this video picturing Jesus as a tattoo artist taking upon himself the sins of people kind of touched me. Obviously, there are people who find it blasphemous but for me it’s both quite creative and powerful.

Artists from Hong Kong once again: Joey Pang and Gabe Shum; also, Kenji Alucky from Japan and his stunning tattoos.

A new TV show, ‘Tattoos After Dark,’ soon to appear on TV.

Suicide Girls dub into burlesque.

life, skin, hooks


The beautiful picture above shows a temporary tattoo commemorating one of the extinct by now species. There’s much food for thought in the article as well. On a side note, I’m glad to say that a Polish project run by Greenpeace, called ‘Adopt a Bee,’ turned out to be quite successful (I adopted some bees myself).

Great videos from Mecca Suscon (day 1, day 2, day 3). The footage is both twisted and beautiful and the rigs they use are quite breathtaking! An awesome event it must have been!

On the other side of the globe the 1st Hong Kong tattoo convention is taking place while in Poznan, Poland there’s a local one going on right now. In Austria Zombie Boy will be doing his thing at another event of this kind.

How tattoos are perceived and regulated in 4 branches of the US army!

Once again, every body tells its story!

A tattooed Lutheran pastor who’s not afraid of swearing and calling a spade a spade!

And maybe not directly related to body modification we see it on here but good enough to remember that societies we live in force us to follow their rules and norms – an exhibit on how society shapes our bodies (the museum’s website).

people and words

From Canada an article about more women in the predominantly male tattoo industry. It’s certainly nothing new and in this case I must agree with Kat Von D’s statement in this one where she discusses her new book (I’m in the middle of reading it but it may take a while – interesting intertwines with pretentious here).

Modest, talented, creative – Scott Campbell and his new project(s).

Easy ink’ (more) focuses on research on how men perceive tattooed women!

Modified charity in ‘tattoos for a cause.’

News from Poland: ‘tattoo jam in Radom’ and an interview with a young (and hopefully promising) tattoo artist. On a side note, I do cringe when they use the word ‘tatuażysta’ (=tattooist) to describe a tattoo artist/ tattooer; it’s kind of degrading and lands this profession straight in the stylists/ celebs realm.

suspended but not from hooks ;)

If you read/ follow Shannon Larratt’s blog, you know that from time to time he gets his Facebook account suspended because of the photos he posts (or used to post) on there. Turns out, Facebook can suspend your account even if your tattoo is not offensive at all – it’s enough that a pic shows some nudity. Yet another reason why I’m glad I don’t use this site. Quite different an approach to tattoos in question is described here.

A link to a discussion ‘are tattoos a turn off?’ For me, they are quite the opposite! 😛 Even stronger is this one article about Uzbekistan where tattoos were described as ‘causing moral damage’!

About a test for tattoo artists applying for a job here.

Expression through ink’ here and some info on the worst portrait tattoo in the world finally having been fixed!

When I saw these, I was so “I-wanna-have-em!!!’ and I probably would if the shop’s website wasn’t in Japanese!