tattourism and more

A classic book on women and tattoos, ‘Bodies of Subversion,’ is now updated and out! Also about women and tattoos are these articles: all-female tattoo shop in CT, tattoos over 50 – awesome or awful?, do tattooed women surprise anymore? (in Polish).

Body modification and being a donor: ‘tattoos and piercings may to blame for fall in young blood donors’ from the UK and a Polish one about tattoos and being a marrow donor. Also, ‘vaccine tattoos‘?

A really cool term and an interesting thing to do: tattourism!

A real treat for body suspension lovers: the Sinner Team and their free fall suspensions!

old and new

One of these good newsfeed days when more than just a few links proved to be interesting!

Let’s start with some history: ‘a secret story of women and tattoos’ focuses on such women as Nora Hilderbrandt, Betty Broadbent and others.  From Germany an interview with an iconic figure of the tattoo scene, Henk schiffmacher.

Very odd news from Russia: Russian soldiers are encouraged to look for intimate tattoos on each other.

Definitely interesting: ‘sociologists find similarities in meanings behind protestant work ethics and modern religious tattoos’!

Do tattoos hurt job seekers?’ from NC and another about ear stretching with some comments pointing out that sooner or later those into ear stretching now will regret it later down the road.

A book focused on Stockholm straight from the Millennium Trilogy (with tattoo parlors covered, too).

A short video of Matt Gone at Venezuela Tattoo Expo (a short slide show here).

And finally an interesting interview with the actress playing the main character in ‘American Mary’ (should I watch this movie???) where she states an interesting thing: The body modification people in this film are the most normal, well-adjusted, happy people, whereas the other people who are socially accepted and are idolised like doctors, surgeons, they’re the most fucked up.

tattoos everywhere

Vladimir Franz didn’t win the presidential elections in Czech Repubic but here we have an interesting poll showing that maybe tattoos aren’t such a big political turn-off after all?

Dress code-related: Ottawa hospital staff can sport visible body modifications! Shifting taboos on tattoos at work, millennials and tattoo trends and, from a different perspective, young people in India removing tribal tattoos!

Tattoos and exhibits: non-body-art by tattoo artists and an exhibit focused on female tattoo artists.

The Soska sisters and their ‘American Mary’ movie!

A nice submission from Bastian: text tattoos as a way for our bodies to twit 😉