God and tattoos …

One of these rare articles focused on faith and actually supporting tattoos: 5 Christian arguments for getting tattoos.

autism awareness

April is National Autism Awareness Month and this guy’s idea to help raise awareness teamed up with a local tattoo shop is awesome!

new orleans tattoo museum

Finally, another article about the New Orleans Tattoo Museum, already up and running!

way more than shallow stereotypes

war ink

In May 2014 I posted about ‘War Ink’ project. It got up and running in November and it’s still going strong! It’s touching that you can say so much by means of so little – a mere picture on your skin tells not only your story but also myriads of unspeakable feelings and emotions! Great, eyes-opening project! Only the microscopic minds can be blind to such a thing!

tattoo stories

People and their stories also in these two articles. Greg Onofrio seems quite interesting a guy and kudos to him for showing people that tattoos can have their place on TV news coverage!

Finally, a Polish accent on the American website devoted to correction facilities: Freedom Tattoos strike yet again! 🙂

*not* good!

tattoo kit

As the end of the year is approaching, we’ll be seeing more and more articles like this one about the old (septum) and new (stick and poke tattoos) trends. But seriously, would you buy a stick and poke tattoo kit for 40 bucks with a high risk of a DIY ugly tattoo included?

old tattoos exhibit

Especially that, as you can see in photos in this article about the 19th and early 20th century tattoos displayed in Bucharest, Romania, tattoos as an art form have been undergoing a tremendous progress! Worth mentioning is that also in Poland there is a similar collection of the 19th century tattoos!

Afghan tattoos

Interesting articles about tattoos in India, Afghanistan and Egypt! Not always easy to sport them tattoos but it is always great to actually have some good body art on you! 🙂

read, work, help, be

Since I just treated myself with a copy of ‘Bled for Boston’ book (hopefully soon in my mailbox!), let’s start with books: another article, this time in Dutch, about a book ‘Why I love Tattoos’ and a piece of news concerning a new book by Lal Hardy.


For book lovers who are not that commited to tattoos: temporary book tattoos.

Tattoos in museums: Jessica Harrison and her tattooed figurines plus Henk Schiffmacher lecturing on the history of tattoos next weekend.

Body modifications at work again thanks to a young woman from Canada who decided to fight against the stereotypes. Editorials written in response to her actions don’t let us cherish any illusion about her possible victory. Interestingly enough, enough the famous dr. Mark Benecke seems not to be immune to prejudice although this Bild article sounds very strange.

But there are fascinating stories behind people’s tattoos and we shouldn’t forget about it. A Polish article focuses on just that but a story from the Washington Post about Ian Desmond and his fight against NF is way more interesting.

10 things you might not know about tattoos’ – give it a read.

In Birma there’s a thing #11 you didn’t know about tattoos – with a video and in German.


‘Modified charity’ from Philippines where tattoo artists supported kids in need and also tried to show their sensitive side.

In Scotland ‘Yes’ tattoos even though there’s still some time to the local Scottish independence referendum.

life, skin, hooks


The beautiful picture above shows a temporary tattoo commemorating one of the extinct by now species. There’s much food for thought in the article as well. On a side note, I’m glad to say that a Polish project run by Greenpeace, called ‘Adopt a Bee,’ turned out to be quite successful (I adopted some bees myself).

Great videos from Mecca Suscon (day 1, day 2, day 3). The footage is both twisted and beautiful and the rigs they use are quite breathtaking! An awesome event it must have been!

On the other side of the globe the 1st Hong Kong tattoo convention is taking place while in Poznan, Poland there’s a local one going on right now. In Austria Zombie Boy will be doing his thing at another event of this kind.

How tattoos are perceived and regulated in 4 branches of the US army!

Once again, every body tells its story!

A tattooed Lutheran pastor who’s not afraid of swearing and calling a spade a spade!

And maybe not directly related to body modification we see it on here but good enough to remember that societies we live in force us to follow their rules and norms – an exhibit on how society shapes our bodies (the museum’s website).