spooky – Friday the 13 and a full moon, too!

The moon rises near an apartment block in Bucharest

The short articles appearing all over the web focus on how cool and *un*usual it is to have both Friday the 13 and a full moon at the same time. Sure enough, after a cloudy, grey day also here a bright and awesome moon rose!

But it’s all about tattoos, right? A great opportunity to get something light and humorous done. A few local shops in St. Louis organize such events and there’s also an Arizonian shop that made it a nice, little tradition.


face to face

 face tattoos - a photo project

A UK photographer Mark Leaver (an interview with him here) decided to take a fresh look at something that seems to be the ultimate hardcore thing in the tattoo world – facial tattoos. He photographed around 30 people in the UK whose facial tattoos are very distinct and quite well-known. Some of his subjects are professional body modification artists (Xed LeHead is one of them!), some of them started young while others are late bloomers. They’re shown at work and in private, intimate situations. In a way, it’s like an ultimate way to tame the tattooed Other, someone so different from us that we can’t even imagine them in ‘normal’ settings.

The final outcome is stunning and gives much food for thought.


*im*possible regrets


Making rounds on the Internet – a young German Guy with quite heavy modifications! And even if the split tongues are *nothing new,* his cheek piercings are still both impressive and unusual. His body, his choice!

There are always, however, people (read: journalists?) who just love to remind you about the future and possible regrets, so here we have an article about ‘temporary fad’ and tackling its consequences – stretched lobes.

An interesting article about tattooed women from Ireland reminded me of the book ‘Tattooed Lady,’ which is a great read! Just for the balance’s sake here’s an article also from Ireland about employers being very wary to hire tattooed people! Just a few months ago I’d have said that it’s all about who you are, not how you look but now I’m bitterer and wiser!

Be a good employee but don’t go overboard with loyalty and devotion to your boss! Jill Abramson doesn’t work for New York Times anymore which raises a question what she’ll do with her T tattoo. BBC also uses this opportunity to try to answer an important question ‘why do people get their employer’s logo as a tattoo?

Zombie Boy is going to visit Switzerland soon as a DJ.


Dermatography courtesy of Ariana Page Russel!

Giger as a guilt-free pleasure. Wherever he is now, I hope he has his own pleasures to his dark heart’s delight!

moving in slow motion

‘Wired’ just posted a cool video of the tattooing process in slow motion and it’s quite fascinating to see it this way. They call it gross but is it really?

Kian Forreal posted a similar video on youtube over a year ago and it’s also very interesting to watch.

This way of ‘tattooing’ is definitely more unusual but it’s only gross when you don’t know that the guy who used it is an enthomologist! Bed bugs in action here!

written on the skin!

My fav combo once again: runners and messages written on their skin. Not tattoos per se but important messages carrying deep and moving meaning, especially when paired with the runners’ bodies – not the fake perfect ones straight from the Vogue covers but their own, strong and beautiful, despite the scars and missing limbs!Image

The slide show is a part of the Dear World project and you can also watch some videos of the Boston marathon survivors. It’s moving and touching, even if you are not a runner!

Is it in any way related to body modification? Maybe yes, maybe not. There’s always a way to interpret things and find a deeper meaning or just simply draw some strength from people who went through hell and yet got out of it alive!

it’s a new tech world out there ;)


Seeing how much I love my smartphone (and it shows even on here), I just had to read about tattoo apps and even try one; Alas, turned out the choice of the ‘tattoos’ is very limited and not really to my taste. You can play with them if you want to, though!

The new tech world is coming, though, as these articles show: 3D printer turned into a simple tattoo machine and  smart ’tattoos’ storing medical data. Rather interestingly, however, Maori tattoos apparently can be seen as therapy.

The Boulder Tattoo Project is both interesting and reminding me of the Skin Project.


Tattoos make you fat’ is hard to believe, especially if you take a look at a heavily tattooed David Beckham who just launched his swim wear collection for H&M.

Yakuza is becoming very tech, too – Yamaguchi-Gumi have their own website now and want to improve their public image.

Tunisia and how tattoos are perceived there.

Finally, a very interesting one from Bastian, ‘the ancient and mysterious history of tattoos.’

that’s how it works!


I came across this article during my usual newsfeeding (I love mobile devices!) and I think it’s so good that it shouldn’t wait till weekend! If you click on this link, however, (and I’m strongly encouraging you to do so!), you’ll see that the journalist never bothered to ask about the reasons behind the woman’s decision and reasons to go so big tattoos-wise. It’s more important (and interesting in a freakshow way) that she’s blind (as if being blind meant you have no mind and aesthetical needs – it’s not only about seeing, it’s also about feeling a given way). It did make headlines, though, it caught our interest and that’s what counts the most! Kudos for this lady, though!

This one touched me – there’s something very endearing about this guy’s naive and idealistic way of thinking (but he’s probably very young and yet unscathed by the real world out there).


These guys were probably scathed many ways before: dress code rules for German policemen. Forgive me the crude arrows – I’m still testing this phone app! 🙂


popular, so (un)cool


Tattoos still going strong in the mainstream pop culture as this pic from a Victoria’s Secret show shows (it’s from 2012, mind you but seeing how active some celebs/ models are in this department, it’s still valid).

New ink reality TV shows also profit from popularity of tattoos although they seem to be turning in the ‘think before you ink’ direction: ‘Bad Ink’ and ‘Undo Me’ (which is going to cover much more than just bad tattoos).

Eyeball tattooing in Jamaica – in this case it really is better to think before, especially if you’re going to hit the DIY way.

Memorial tattoos became very popular thanks to the Ink TV but this one is worth reading, it’s a part of a bigger work (a chapter from ‘American Afterlife. Encounters in the Customs of Mourning’).

Modblog seems to be a lil better than its usual boring post-Shannon self; an interesting post from there about an upcoming documentary about Marc a.k.a Little Swastika (the website of the makers here).

Tattoos try and fail to reclaim swastika symbol’ offer much food for thought. Is it really possible to change the associations we have had with this symbol ever since the Nazi times? Is it worth fighting for?

The 21st century is an amazing time to live in – ‘people may be the next step in technology’ and e-whiskers.

‘the subculture of body suspension’ from New Zealand (thanks to Bastian who’s going to the hot climates right now ;))

Some Q&A with one of my fav body modifiers, the Lizardman!

New rules in the German army were also brought to my attention by Bastian. Here also a little bit about new rules in the American army,way  less draconian than in Germany.

Finally, a very harsh treatment of a tattoo artist in Iran. No radicalism is good!

it has a loong tradition, so it must be right ;)


The picture above comes from a very interesting website devoted to tattoos and their history across time, space and cultures. The Haida people and their culture were also featured in this article about their body art and meaning behind it. Here’s a slide show focused on modern Haida-inspired body art.

Mo Naga and his fight for preserving traditional tattooing in India.

An interesting discovery in Corpus Christi, TX where a trove of old tattoo flash was found!

Historical figures and their tattoos’ and, the Laubachs, a German family whose history and life are connected to tattoos very closely (the shop).

A report from a lecture about modern tattoo culture coming from high art.

People and their tattoos: Takashi Matsuba and his NYC-based shop where he tattoos tebori way, Dee Crowner, an IA librarian who’s not afraid of showing her wild side, Bill Kaufman, a tattoo artist also from IA, an American tattoo artist living in Germany who creates his own army (the shop’s website) an interview with a tattooed Dutchman, a rapper Kid Ink and his tattoos and finally David Cata who makes incredible things with his skin.

This guy deserves a separate paragraph as he seems to be doing amazing things – a doctor who saves tattoos post-op!

A German article discusses what drives ‘body modders’ to doing to their bodies what they do but I found it too simplistic to my taste. I dare to think our reasons are more complex!

And a documentary from Japan about a Japanese right-wing activist who happens to have quite extensive tattoo work done.