mom tattoos, iDermals and more

Mother’s Day means mom tattoos and, sure enough, there’s some coverage on that: tattoos for mother’s day and a new book by Henk Schiffmacher focused on – that’s right – mom tattoos (it’s a beginning of the series, though, so hopefully there will be other motifs covered as well!).

Politicians doing well in the news, too, and thanks to the Huffington Post we can learn about some American politicians and their body art.

Sad news about M. Sendak, so here’s some tribute paid to him and his famous book.

Tattoo conventions: Baltimore and upcoming NYC one.

An interesting article from Australia discussing a proposal of tattoo service in the Australian prisons and obstacles on its way to be approved.

For those interested: how to become a tattoo artist (in German) and an interview with a guy who made it.

This one hit the news in a really spectacular way and you can read about the idea of iDermal here and here and here and here and here and here !

Miscellaneous: Tom Cruise looking weird (and tattooed) in his new movie, tattoos for dogs (and from Bastian some information on a German campaign against animal branding), tattoos of the dead (it’s pretty interesting, actually!) and Ami James talking tattoos and turbulence.


ink, scars and logos

Some time no post and during this time I managed to watch ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,’ so let me start with links to articles devoted to this movie as they are quite interesting, even if they refer more to pop culture than to tattoos. As for the movie itself, I’m still a fan of the Swedish version.

Speaking of films, here’s a documentary on a local tattoo artist.

Tattoos and photography in ‘I heart Ink’ gallery exhibit and ‘brides in ink.’

Teachers’ dress code in two perspectives: an American one that’s all about the professional look and a British one about encouraging something different (or so it looks).

Pretty cool tattoos: 21 tech brand tattoos and ‘Tattoo Infographic’ by a Polish artist (more here).

A Canadian piece on scarification.

Thanks to Bastian for this cool ad featuring Zombie Boy.

Finally, not really about tattoos but done by a really tattooed and smart guy: another interview with Mark Benecke!

regrets, eye candy and dragon tattoos

‘You’ll regret it later’ is what is so often said about body modifications, so no wonder the mass media love to show the general opinion on the subject is right. Here we have an example of ear lobe stretching regret. The language this article is written in is definitely interesting: ‘dangling ear parts, ear distortion that needed to be overcome, unsightly.’ A nice job on staying objective?

Tattoos in church? In Flint, MI it’s quite possible.

QR Code’ tattoos and some general musings on the subject. Here’s also more on the QR Code tattoos.

Ink reality TV represented by Chris Nunez of the Miami Ink fame: him talking Ink Master, tattoos and human canvasses.

Eye candy for the masses: David Beckham advertising underwear and showing off his body and his tattoos. As a bonus, an overview of Beckham’s tattoos.

I’m in the middle of re-reading of the Millennium trilogy, so I’m into Lisbeth Salander’s story again. Here an answer to the ‘what dragon tattoo really costs?’ question and, for comparison values, a link to a picture of a dragon tattoo on Noomi Rapace who was an original Lisbeth in the Swedish version of the movie. Whose dragon tattoo is more interesting?

scares and burgers

I’m awfully busy (again!), so here’s only a short update. Hopefully, once the Xmas madness (and time off) comes, I’ll be able to put some more time not only into my running but also into reading and writing about body modification!

Two artists into body modification: a Spaniard Sala interviewed in India and Wim Delvoye again, this time showing his work in Australia.

A tattoo school is going to be open in Cleveland, OH.

Canadian authorities are concerned about growing popularity of body modification and risks involved.

Tattoos and work place: ‘leaving a mark on professionalism: tattoo generation.’

Finally, tattoos in an ad: a Russian commercial for Burger King.

hope and candy

There’s still bad news coming from Japan but it’s pretty uplifting to see how people all around the world are organizing help for the Japanese. Here two nice examples of the modified charity: ‘pierce-a-thon’ and ‘tattoos for Japan.’

A documentary ‘Tattoo Jew,’ previously mentioned in this post, finally moved to the screening phase (here’s the website of the project). Hopefully it’ll be available to purchase somewhere online as I’d love to see it.

Local artists: ‘inked in to a new life’ and a tattoo apprentice about her learning process.

Museums and tattoos: an idea for a museum called International Lyle Tuttle Museum and a museum exhibit ‘body beautiful. ‘

What the placement of your tattoo say about you? If you believe in such things, check this one out.

An article about suspension, brought to me and you by Bastian, of course (whose love for and obsession with hooks is pretty well-known ;)).

Finally a nicely morbid eye candy: Zombie Boy in Mugler’s new ad campaign and he’s looking really good!

pretty regional

An interesting photography exhibit in FL: ‘body art of the Ethiopian tribes;’ some information on the book and the author can be found here and let’s also add some info on the tribes in question.

Interesting are also these two articles on henna ‘tattoos

The Puma brand decided to go regional and is launching a new streetwear colletion with a little help from South American tattoo artists.

More entertainment: Liam Neeson is going to be an Irish tattoo artist in Hangover 2 while a rapper called Waka Flocka takes part in PETA’s ‘Ink not Mink’ campaign.

Tattoos must be pretty mainstream if Washington Post announces that ‘Getting a tattoo is largely safe, though experts advise using a reputable shop’ and ‘tattooing outgrows its renegade image to thrive in the mainstream.’

A new book on tattoos in which a German sociologist claims that nowadays tattoos are a pretty ‘conservative gesture.’

And an interesting charity action: ‘closer to heart’ in Canada against breast cancer.

good and interesting news

Several interesting ones so far:

Good news from Poznan, Poland, where tattoo artists from my regular tattoo shop won quite a few awards at a local tattoo convention (here’s another video from the event).

A ‘gem’ about scarification and other, more ‘extreme’ forms of body modification: ‘technique goes beyond tattoos.’

High-brow stuff: Ed Hardy as a lecturer at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and an interesting article about a new book on literary tattoos, ‘word made flesh.’ My pre-ordered copy of it got shipped yout yesterday.

An interesting one from Bastian: an article about the German healthcare reform which has something to do with body modification. And from the US an article about ‘dermatologists’ experiences with tattoos.’

Tattoo scene and charity in ‘tatts for cats.’

Ads: ‘plummeting value of flesh-based ads’ and a *turned-into-tattoos*  mascot from India (images of the mascot here).

Celeb glitter: ‘Kelly Osbourne removes her tattoos,’ ‘the worst tattoos on celebs‘ and ‘female celeb piercings.’ On the other side of the spectrum, a short but quite interesting article about trends and their backgrounds (courtesy of Bastian!).

celeb glitter and local touch

Much to my both surprise and delight there were quite a few interesting articles on tattoos to read today, so here for others to enjoy:

Apparently the season 4 of LA Ink was launched on TV yesterday, so there’s a lot of Kat Von D-related information floating around; here a slide show of her favorite tattoos on others, an interview with her that sheds some light on the new season and a video teaser showing one of her star guests on the show. And straight from Amazon some info on an upcoming book by Ms Von D.

Two other slide shows: chefs from Kansas City (some of their tattoos are really interesting and quite clever!) and athletes (this one’s in Polish, though).

Tattoos in ads: Beyonce and her new image.

Some interesting people featured in an article from Australia about Janne Kearney, a painter who depicts people with body art (her art gallery here), this one from Seattle discusses an upcoming event but also features and quotes Vyvyn Lazonga while this one focuses on ManWoman whose life goal is to reclaim the symbol of swastika.

To make it more diverse and international, two articles about local tattoo artists: one from Delhi, India and another one from Germany.

Finally, something for my history/ anthropology section: ‘Tattoo culture of Li ethnic group at Expo in Shanghai.’

highs and lows

 I like to think that in one regard I’m just like William of Baskerville – I also think fondly of my countrymen and like to point out how wonderfully weird and crazy they are. Here, on the left, an example of their craziness and resourcefulness for how to popularize music of Chopin (another important anniversary in Polish culture, by the way!). People’s opinions are mixed.

And since I got so highbrowed, let me hover on here a little bit longer to present two links to an interesting tattooing project that will take place in one of Dutch museums this summer (Dutch, German). Another museum project, this time in the UK, involves the ‘Skin’ exhibition and live tattooing soon.

Still the UK but this time let’s hit the bottom: ‘Quarter of tattooed Brits admit they regret their body’ and another one in this same vein telling us that ‘tattoos on women are a turn-off.’

If you really care, there’s hope as tattoo removal industry gets bigger and bigger, along the tattoo industry itself, and – more and more often – it’s tattoo shops that step in to profit from people’s regrets (or new projects). Steph is going to love me for this one as it quotes her ‘favorite’ shop staff again! 😛

From AZ quite interesting article with a thought-provoking title: ‘Tattoos’ popularity spurs new shops, new debates.’

Two good ones from Japan on the same subject: ‘keep your Yakuza-style tattoos to yourself’ (more) about a famous local voice actor arrested for showing his nude tattoo photos online.