BAF Calendar 2014

I love BAF! Before anyone jumps to any assumption that I’m paid for saying so, though, let me tell you why I love BAF! They have a huge selection of great jewelry and more, they are fast and reliable, they are more than ready to help you out if your order got lost in the mail and, above all, they seem to be really nice people. And that’s why I do love BAF!

BAF calendars have been a fixture for a few years now and they always offer not only beautiful pictures of modified people and good quality jewelry but also coupons to use while shopping on the site. Last year they published a calendar focused on suspension; this year it’s even better as it’s all ‘man meat’ featuring male body piercers.

BAF cover 2

The calendar is beautifully made, the pictures show people with a huge sense of humor and it’ll def. bring smile to your face more than once or twice. Plus you’ll be able to save some money if you decide to shop on the BAF website on certain days every month.


BAF Calendar 2014. Man Meat. Male Piercers Edition;

paint and ink

Body paint/ art got some attention on the web this passing week: body modification-like body art here and an interesting body sculpture by an Australian artist here.

Body modification and charity: ‘tattoo artist a key to post-mastectomy world’ and a fund raiser for prostate cancer research.

A piercer with a sense of humor.

A German interview with the Mexican Vampire Woman.

Mitt Romney and tattoos again: this time a guy got tattooed his logo on his forehead … for money of course!

A Polish accent: Body Art Convention in Warsaw this week.

tan and pray

With a recent wave of anti-tanning in Europe and Australia here we can read about an alleged new trend in the US: “sun[-made] tattoos.” As usually, it’s the German sites that inform us about a risky behavior. Others take it lighter, though, and even sell bikini that can give you a ‘tan tattoo.’ For a good measure, here’s an ad-like article about tattoo protection in summer.

In NV ‘state is looking into procedures of dermal anchors.’

An article featuring a tattoo artist Alan Padilla drew my attention not only because it’s about tattoos but also his hobby.

Much has been already said (and even more will be, I guess) about women tattoo artists’ position in the industry; here’s another one in this vein: ‘tattoos: a boys’ club?’ which doesn’t add anything new to the subject but nicely gives some hope for the future.

Jazz and tattoos don’t seem to be closely related and yet it’s possible: ‘amazing jazz tattoos.’

Sth light: “Seattle’s top five barista tattoos,’ ice cream tattoo in ‘what flavor is your tattoo?’  and “St. Theresa the Tatted” if you’d like to pray for some mod money or better healing of a new piercing.

the ways we use skin

Growing popularity of tattoos (nothing new by now), people and their tattoos in articles from MS: ‘tattoos as diverse as the tattooed’ and ‘rethink ink.’  ‘Indelible imprints’ are from India and briefly discuss the fact that now also middle-aged and older people are eager to get a tattoo done.

Celeb-‘stained’ touched tattoos in ‘Tusconan gets inked for appearance on ‘Tattoo Highway’ and some samples of the ‘Ruthless and Toothless’ clothing line.

The ‘Skin and Bones’ exhibit was already mentioned on here; ‘ink at sea’ presents some shots from the exhibit – nicely old-school photos.

A nice read-up on ‘ink slinger Jimmy Vegas’ and tattoo industry in OK (tattoos became legal there only in 2006).

Something for ‘indirectly related’: ‘Body art. Literally’ where you can read about an artist using human skin to work on in not that usual way.

A quick switch of the  subjects, I know: another example of ‘piercing’ humor – an example of ‘single point piercing’;)

reviews, profiles, laughs

Tattoo convention reviews are usually pretty much the same; this one, describing Tampa Bay TattooFest, seems more interesting than others, though. In a similar vein, the very first tattoo convention in IN took place in Fort Wayne.

When your teen gets a tattoo’ discusses a new book on the subject, ‘Adoloscent Reputations and Risks.’

An article about literary tattoos with an interesting link to a blog devoted to such tattoos.

Paul Booth, embellished with a ‘king of creepy’ name,’ on Forbes.

Two humorous pictures to practice our sense of humor: ‘piercing humor’ and ‘kung-fu’ featuring Paully Unstoppable.