digital tattoos and quite a real Beckham

Do you like computers, smartphones, tablets and whatnot? Soon they may be a basic tool to appreciate art, also this body one: the Shifting Skin project and a tattoo viewable by phones only.

The City of Angels: a body piercer trying to find her place there, a review of the book by Kat Von D, a self-proclaimed L.A. girl and an article about an L.A.-based suspension group.

Ear stretching in OH.

Ground-breaking news from Austria on popularity of tattoos in this country. Meanwhile, in Arkansas, there are attempts to ban non-traditional forms of body modification (‘non-traditional’ being an interesting statement here).

Fit bodies and tattoos: yet another slide show of athletes in Moscow and David Beckham and his tattoos in H&M ad(s).

London Tattoo Convention coming soon!


Either you get it or you don’t!

It’s been a great treat to watch the IAAF Championship competitions in Moscow (on TV that is ;)); with the event coming to an end, here’s a slide show featuring some of the athlete tattoos. The question of athlete tattoos and copyrights is discussed here.

Also sports-related but on a sad note: the photo project ‘Bled for Boston.’

Nike’s been having a really bad luck this year – first their misfired slogan for Pistorius, then their failure with the Boston Massacre shirt, and now reactions to the tattoo-inspired apparel line also turned out not the way they expected! Obviously, it’s not about market and profits, eh?

People’s take on tattoos: a pastor devoted to (Iron) Maiden, a huge fan of the ‘Twilight’ saga, Larry da Leopard, tattoos at a more advanced age than you may think and another map tattoo.

Scott Campbell!

Para-medical tattoos.

Tattoos and their meanings!

People’s reactions to tattoos and one person’s replies – a pretty good and funny one.

From ‘Down Under’ an article about stretched lobes (reconstruction) and another one about tattoos at work.

Japan and other things

Not many links today but at least some beautiful pictures like in this one about Japanese tattoos. Also about Japan and its attitude toward tattoos is this article from New Zealand.

Some forms of body modifications are covered in this German version of Wall Street Journal.

A piece of news from AZ: tattoo parlors are expression of art.

From the UK a local tattoo artist tells about his life and work.

sports, art and some eco stuff

and the soap opera starring the Russian opera singer continues as he maintains that his *in*famous tattoo never was a swastika. The world is in obvious need for some decent pieces of news as it seems.

More of the Olympic ink to look at.

In NY the governor signed teen body piercing law.

Exploding Ink’ art project here and eco-tattoos (with a little help from our “friend,” the sun) here (Bastian’s submission).

Finally, a Polish one on whether tattoos are an act of decoration or uglification; doesn’t seem that bad to read, though.

middle of the week

I’m in the middle of watching “London Ink” and “LA Ink” (better later than never? kinda doubt it after having seen a few episodes of the LA Ink show ;)) but reading is always on my to-do list:

Entertainment represented by Megan Massacre.

Body art turned art from Shawn Barber’s perspective (his new art exhibition).

The Vogue magazine features a tattooed chef, Sean Brock.

Ever interested in ‘what does a body modification artist do?

And more serious: tattoos as a roadblock for immigrants.

sport and needles

The Olympic Games are soon to begin, so no wonder there ‘s more and more coverage on Olympic tattoos. Quite interesting is also this one about tattoos at Wimbledon.

The article about tattoos in the Japanese society is quite interesting to read but even more so are these about Horiren and Horihide.

Stories behind piercings are shown in a German photography exhibit.

Ink Up Ltd. may be a rival of the Ed Hardy brand 😉

Safe Body Art Act AB300 in California.

(un)popular enough

I haven’t seen the season 1 yet and here there’s news about prospects for season 2 of the Ink Master show.

This notorious growing popularity of tattoos leads to: a dating site (the site itself), tattoo apps and tattees. Pretty interesting signs of the times!

I liked this one about seniors getting tattooed; at least in their case the question ‘how your tattoo will look when you re 80’ is sooo off!

Are tattoos popular enough to make such bans are these in Australia and IA, USA totally undoable?

Speaking of bans, here’s a pretty interesting Q&A focused on tattoos.

Thanks to Bastian for an article about Thai monks and their tattoos! Always interesting to read about it.

And something in Polish: a short article about a tattoo festival in Lodz and another one about a doll ‘tattooed’ with traditional Polish designs.

the first one in 2012

A few nice ones for a good start into 2012:

Ami James and his tattoos-related soap opera in the first episode’s recap. Quite unexpectedly for me (I had no idea such a TV show existed), he also appeared in a ‘All-American Muslim’ show.

New year brings new laws,’ also for tattoo industry.

A very interesting article from Australia about a Japanese tattoo master, Horihiro!

Finally, not body art but for the cows involved it must have felt like that – body painting!

right before the end of 2011

It already happened, so now it’s more about waiting for the first reviews; hopefully the new episode(s) of the ‘NY Ink’ will prove to be as exciting as we’re led to think.

Springfield neighborhood-based suspension drama continues as this local article shows!

Is the world coming to an end? A little bit about the Mayan allegedly soon-to-come apocalypse and some body modifications practiced by the Maya people can be read here.

Samoa and its traditional tattoo revival in this article.

Modified animals (is it right?) in this German article describing things happening in China.

A Polish article about women as more frequent guests in tattoo shops here.

Finally, a bit of 2011 summary: designer logo tattoos as a fashion mistake!

another short news coverage

A little bit more on the tattooed private parts of our distant forefathers in Dutch.

Tattooed and (pierced) celebrities of sort: Lucky Diamond Rich soon in New Zealand, Zombie Boy in German and Polish articles and a really awful commentary on Rolf – really, if you don’t have anything nice to say, why to say anything?

From Canada, ‘a day in the life of a tattoo artist;’ don’t expect too many details, though.

In the States District Columbia is going to regulate the tattoo/ body piercing industry.

Lips tattoos and other beauty trends’ from TX – but nothing real.

Finally, with Christmas madness fast approaching (I’ve spotted some Xmas-themed commercials on TV already and it’s still November!!!) another nice example of ‘modified charity’: ‘trading toys for body ink and piercings’ in the US.