Dress code and schools: ‘schools ‘free to decide on facial piercings’ and a local piercer’s perspective on the subject fromNew Zealand.

Self injury may affect 3 million people’ mentions also ‘excessive’ modifying one’s body as a form of SJ. Subject to discuss, I think.

A talk show is going to cast in an episode about ‘being obsessed with tattoos.’ It’ll sure add something new to the subject?

Modified charity with Kat Von D starring in it: her fundraiser to help Japan.


some random news

Another one related to the New Zealand’s cutting-the-piercings-out case: ‘good response.’

An article inspired by the ‘Black Swan’ movie and the ‘Nutcracker’ article (linked to here): ‘body fascism and physical perfection.’ Also related to body and appearance is this one: ‘Omaha man says body art hurts his job chances.’ 

An interesting one from Canada: performance using human body in an art gallery

Body piercing: ‘gentlemen, dress up your package!’ and an interesting sense of wonder in ‘stretched ears, snakebites and septums.’ One could think that the mods listed are all new!

Modified charity: a Canadian ‘tattoo parlor overwhelmed by cancer tattoo promotion’ and a nice one from CA: ‘tattoo-a-thon for a children’s hospital.’

news from the passing week

Regulations question pops up yet again in Australia and WY, USA

An interesting article about tongue piercings and how bacteria colonized jewelry differently is quite interesting.

Popularity of tattoos in New Zealand

New books on tattoos: a coffee table book on Sailor Jerry to commemorate the anniversary of his 100th birthday and some info on an upcoming book about tattoos in the army.

Also both book and tattoos-related: Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander. I’m not really sure if she’s better than the Swedish Salander but at least we now also know that music for the American version will be composed by Trent Reznor of NIN fame himself.

Tattoo conventions: Texas Tattoo Art Revival event, the first ever tattoo convention in Borneo and a tattoo convention in Poland (scheduled for February).

Miscellaneous: Harry Potter tattoos, a few pictures of ‘Zombie Boy’ and, for Steph whos’a Hello Kitty fan, Hello Kitty tattoo designs.

entertaining and serious

An interesting post online, ‘Elvis Ink,’ reminded me that tomorrow it is Elvis’s birthday. Never a fan of his music but without him the modern music would have been very different from what it is today.

Also music-related are two other posts: ’13 wonderful song lyrics tattoos’ and a short one about Maroon 5 frontman participating in a cancer awareness campaign.

New York and tattoos: new show called ‘New York Ink’ is supposed to appear on air soon and here’s an article about a very interesting tattoo sleeve devoted to Queens.

Something serious that’s tattoos-related also happened: a museum in Frankfurt decided to send back to New Zealand two Maori heads in its collection. It’s a very important gesture! Giving the Maori heads owned by French museums back was also decided by the French Parliament in 2010.

art, laugh and some stares

The old ‘beautiful or ugly’ dilemma revived in such articles as ‘are tattoos attractive or do they ruin bodies?’ and ‘the case against tattoos.’ Try to smell humor when possible!

On a definitely humorous note a text about California going to tax tattoos. Would make for a great source of money, wouldn’t it?

Definitely some impressive tattoos in two articles about Star Wars Convention V: ‘getting inked’ and ‘tattoo contest winners.’

Let’s then jump to art and take a look at an interesting interview with an artist named Chat Zar whose art is often done as tattoos and is said to be a little like Paul Booth’s.

News from the world include an article about a Philippine tattoo contest Tadtad 2010, news about a modern version of a side show in the form of Wildstyle and Tattoo Fair traveling around Germany and Austria, a very interesting article about a modern journeyman where you can read about an ear piercing tradition and a video about ‘bodymod in Tyrol’ (the last two were submitted from Bastian, so big thank-you to him!)

people mostly

A short post today but with a few interesting links:

An article about Horiyoshi III sheds some light on his life, thoughts and future.

Another one about Ray Bradbury presents some of his works, a.o. ‘The Illustrated Man.’

An odd one about very few ‘interesting tattoo facts’ one of which is related to the news about ‘the value of a tattoo in higher education.’

new, good stuff

Back from the weekend filled with tattoos, people and great food.

Some good ones to start this week:

Tattoos and anthropology in ‘tattoos – a tribal heritage’ from India, ‘Maori tattoo getting under the world’s skin’ from New Zealand and one from Fiji about Samoan tattooing tradition. Ona different but somewhat related note a review of a book about tattoos and salvation.

An extreme body modification in ‘sexy Nina Arsenault on life, art and her penis.’

A sort of obituary in one from FL on a local pioneer of tattooing: ‘pioneer of tattooing upgraded profession.’

Finally something totally pop: a slideshow from ‘Immersed in Ink Tattoo Tour.’

bits of this and that

A couple of interesting ones:

Tattoos in Japan – their past and present; an interesting, multidisciplinary exhibit in London showing the wonders and uses of the human skin and a bit of history in an article about celebrations of Sailor Jerry’s life.

A Canadian article about apprenticeship is short but maybe interesting for some people out there.

Ever-present sense of wonder in a German (as in language and location? ;)) article about a new painful trend in tattooing.

Eye-candy in ‘models with tattoos,’ ‘the most expensive tattoo in the world’ (interesting project!) and a touch of sentimentalism in ‘moms with ink.’

Finally, tattoos for a good cause in ‘tattoo fundraiser’ and ‘tattoos: inked for a cause’ which seems to be a cool initiative.

* I’ll be away from the virtual land this weekend but should have interesting things to update about once I’m back!

quite a lot of good stuff

My today’s newsfeeding proved to be quite rewarding and I stumbled across some interesting links.

Let’s start with ‘high art’ involving tattoos: two museum exhbits involving tattoos in ‘the art of tattoo’ and ‘history of tattoos’ (this one’s in German) and an art project involving temporary tattoos and dermatographia skin condition in the art project called ‘Save Face.’ Let’s also throw, for a good measure, an article about poetry on the subject: ‘Bristol poet delves into inky world of tattoo parlors.’

Growing popularity of tattoos in articles about ‘an increase of women customers,’ a regular, middle aged guy going for his first tattoo and a really cool one about a 70-year-old lady that got her first tattoo.

Catchy titles and not much substance in articles about ‘piercing infections on the rise’ and a possibility of taxing body piercings and tattoos in TX.

Celebrities and tattoos: a chef celebrity (never heard about her, though’ Gizzi Erskine, the *in*famous Ozzy Osbourne talking tattoos and American Idol and ‘Kat Von D being ready to rock San Diego’ in Rock’n’Roll San Diego Marathon (and that’s pretty cool!).

A German article ‘almost naked’ about a growing trend of hair removal is interesting enough to post in on here.

on placements, dress code and more

Since dress code resurfaces here from time to time, here’s a new one with a pretty threatening title ‘teachers with tats targeted’ which is not even half as serious as it sounds.

Following a small wave of tattoo convention-related articles from the last post, here are two about an event in Moscow, Russia.

I doubt they use a numbing cream before tattooing in Russia and I wouldn’t expect much from this promo-oriented article; it’s pretty interesting to read, however, about ‘6 most painful places to tattoo.’

Scott Campbell pretty often appears in the online articles; here’s another example of his cool art made from dollar bills.

The first Canadian tattoo school has a chance to land on TV.

’18 video games tattoos’ and ‘ASCII codes helping create tattoos’ to look at.

I’m not really sure if this final one is real (wonders of photoshop and all) but at least it’s worth checking out: ‘ridiculous tattoo plus mugshot.’