tattoos from different angles

12 confessions by tattoo artists” – sure, we’ve already seen and read texts like that but since they usually contain a grain of truth …

NYT tattoo article

The New York Times posted an interesting article about outgrowing our tattoos and how we can proceed about that. We all make progress, change over time and start feeling differently about ourselves from the past, so no wonder that our skin souvenirs also may seem a lil outdated. What to do?

A German version about Shiite tattoos – just because it’s interesting!



Campbells' new project

Scott Campbells new project involves tradition and a cognac brand!


This German’s idea takes tattoo designs and tombstones to create something for the afterlife.

These ppl’s ideas reflect their love for pizza – and why not if they love their pizzas so much?

the future is ours!


It’s just one country but there’s no doubt that more and more ppl all around the word are into self-expression. Sure, their desire to express themselves is not only internal as the majority is probably influenced by many external factors but still – more and more ppl are tattooed and that lets us hope for the better, less discrimantory future. Here a short text from Austria where almost 25% ppl are tattooed.


And the tattoo art has been eveloping in many interesting directions and that’s very promising, too. Is there anything huge and innovative about “double exposure tattoos“? Time will tell but at least it’s an interesting idea!

beautiful works, ugly rumors

Inkwell watch brand.png

A new watch brand is going to fight for consumers and the profits – their works look tasty, stylish and overall beautiful plus they have a cool legend to back up their plans.


This prosthetic arm on a tattoo artist from France became a sensation pretty mch overnight. It’s hard to tell how true and functional it is as of yet but the whole idea is nicely steampunk-ish!

What’s behind visible tattoos on the gang-members? Very interesting.

tattooed psychos

A German accent and annoying conclusions – it’s up to us to change such social perceptions!

food for thought

One of the rites of passage? Sure enough, even in our ultra-moern culture as this article from the Washington Post shows – not marriage but divorce can do, too.

ruby rose and tattoos

Ruby Rose and her musings on ppl with tattoos and ppl wihout them.

moderner Senior

You’re never too old and reminding us of this fact will never get old, either! This time, a brave German senior and a tattoo showing his life passions!


The recent discovery of an over 3-thousand-year old mummy with tattoos in Egypt shows how old tattoos actually are and how important they are for various cultures around the world.

horinao japanese tattoo artists

Japanese artists visiting Canada amaze ppl with their skills and beuty of their tattoos. Another Japanese tattoo artist is fighting for his art in his native country!

Jobs tattoos

He’s still alive in memory and on skin – Steve Jobs and tattoos devoted to him.

Facial ink – mainly on the ppl from the industry, tho!

vanishing and removing

vanishing ink dance

A fascinating dance project focused on a vanishing art of indigenous tattoos by an iban dancer! It’s new, it’s refreshing, it’s his own voice!

to earn

A German tattoo artist discusses his road to tattooing and declares that ‘tattoos should be earned,’ which is – more or less – true!

Others think the opposite, tho – a new upstart wants to revolutionize the tattoo industry with their dissoving tattoos – vanishing on their own and from different reasons as the traditional tattoos.

no red flag

Finally, a piece from Canada about tattoos at work. I like the statement of one of the ppl interviewed for it: “show up for work, and do a good job ā€” which is how it should be. I know how hard I work. I know what Iā€™m worth.ā€

old times and new ppl

the Mayas

A new exhibition focused on the Mayan culture reminds us that various forms of body modifications have been around for centuries if not thousands of years.

vintage tattoo flash

A new book about vintage tattoo flash shows clearly what a long and fascinating history the tattoos have.

tattoo survey

A survey conducted by the German police is supposed to tell the officials how the tattoos on policemen/ women are perceived by the public.

tattoos on the catwalk

Also from Germany, an aspiring male model whose international success may depend on his body modifications and a young modified woman working as a receptionist (too bad it’s “only” a tattoo shop!).

Finally, a touching story from New Zealand about a man who’s coped with the loss of his loved one by means of tattoos!



lots to show, nothing to hide!

ROM tattoo exhibit

A Toronto-based ROM launches a very interesting exhibit on April 2. The exhibit is based on the famous French tattoo exhibition and the museum’s own resources. Yet another reason why it’s time to officially recognize tattoos as an art form? šŸ˜‰

hand tattoo pics

An upcoming book on hand tattoos is called “Nothing to Hide” (or “Nichts zu Verbergen”). The photographer behind the book has, judging by his name, some Polish roots!

some history and more


A real gem showing the history of tattooing: an article about the world’s first tattoo convention in 1976 linking to an article written 40 years ago about the said convention! Kind of priceless and amazing to look back and wonder how much things changed during these 40 years!

And it’s awesome to see how modern tattoo artists get involved and focus on helping the community – here’s a tattoo shop in Alaska and their involvment with Relay for Life!

Vegan tattoos and what’s in tattoo inks nowadays – interesting to read!

Thai tattoos

Finally,Ā Thai tattoos and how ppl experience them!